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Mission & Purpose

“To promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people.”

Friendship Force Dallas’s Mission is to promote global understanding across the barriers that separate people. Through home-hosting and meaningful travel experiences, participants learn about other cultures, develop a better understanding of our world, and discover our shared humanity.
FF Dallas was incorporated in 1994 as a 501(c)3 organization and is one of over 300 Friendship Force International (FFI) clubs in over 60 countries. We participate in Journeys (visiting other clubs or hosting other club members), local club events, as well as regional and world conferences.
In addition to promoting global understanding, we strive to build goodwill amongst our members in Dallas and elsewhere, because …

A World of Friends is a World of Peace

Learn more about how Friendship Force works and the ways you can participate, both at home and far away! Watch “What is Friendship Force International“.

Meetings & Events


Becoming a Member

Meetings & Events

FF Dallas holds monthly programs about a recent club Journey or member’s travels; Dallas history, information, or local sites; or some cultural event. We also meet for special events, lunches, dinners, and other member and visitor gatherings. Our meetings and events provide ample time to meet and learn about Friendship Force, our members and visitors.

Visitors and guests are always welcome!

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Each year, we host Inbound Journeys from clubs in other countries or the USA. During the journey, our members host the Inbound Ambassadors in their homes as we introduce them to the Dallas area. Other members host for a day or host an event. We also travel on Outbound Journey to clubs in other countries or the USA. We become part of another family’s life and explore and learn about their world. Sometimes, we visit two clubs back-to-back. Or we include a tour before or after the journey.

Visitors and guests are welcome on Inbounds and Outbounds!

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Learn more about all our upcoming journeys in Journeys.

Learn more about why we journey by watching the FFI Video It Was Just a Week.

Becoming a Member

Joining Friendship Force of Dallas is easy – complete a membership form then send it to us along with your membership dues. Membership runs from January thru December with a discount if you join in October, November or December.

For more information about membership benefits and how to become a member, see Member Info.

For Frequently Asked Questions about FF and FF Dallas, see FAQs.

For more information about FF International, see our Friendship Force International page and their website

Friendship Force Ambassador Pledge

As a member of the Friendship Force,
I recognize that I can make a difference.
I have a mission to be a friend to the people of the world.
As I embark upon this adventure,
I know that others will be watching.

I know that through my example to my fellow citizens and the people of other nations,
the cause of friendship, love and peace can be advanced.

About Our Club and Dallas

FF Dallas has over 65 members who live in Dallas, Rockwall, Collin, and Denton counties as well as in Rhode Island, Alabama, and Missouri. Our members grew up and lived in Texas, all over the USA, and other nations.

Learn more about our club at About our Club.

Learn more about Dallas and its attractions at About Dallas.

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