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  May, 2022  
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President's Notes

Dear Friends,

Spring is in the air and travel is on the horizon. Friendship Force International is starting to have more journeys listed in the catalog on their website. Be sure to check them out. It’s a simple process to register for a journey and lots of fun traveling with other clubs. We do suggest that if you see something that interests you, be sure to let the organizing journey coordinator know right away that you were interested. These spots can go quickly.

Roger and I have joined two journeys that were promoted through Friend Force international. We will be traveling with the Sarasota Friendship Force club to two different clubs in Ontario, Canada in June. We have also been accepted for a global journey. A global journey is one that is offered to all members worldwide. Normal journeys are usually between two clubs. If there is extra space on a journey, it is offered through Friendship Force International website in their catalog.

A Global journey usually has a theme. The one that we will be taking in July is on Aviation. The description from the catalog, “Follow in the footsteps of the Wright Brother on this aviation themed journey around the Birthplace of Aviation.”

Our own club will be hosting a journey from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We hope you will all volunteer and help to make this a wonderful journey for the ambassadors from Cedar Rapids. This will be our first hosting opportunity in over three years, because of Covid. The success of the journey depends on all the club members doing their part and participating. There is something for everyone. Please let our journey coordinator, Edward Perez, know how you would like to help - erperez54@gmail.com . If you’re not certain just contact him. I’m sure he will find the perfect place for you to join in the activities and make your contribution. Let’s show the Cedar Rapids ambassadors what great hosts Dallas Friendship Force are.

In Friendship,

Sandy Kaiser, President


Introducing the Board

Following up on information sent in a previous newsletter, we’re presenting a short bio about each board member in ensuing publications. I present our 2nd Vice President/Membership.......... edward perez

edward perez learned about Friendship Force Dallas back in Feb 2001 from Brud Kisner at a presentation about FF Dallas' journey to Havana Cuba. With Brud's signature ‘selling’ personality, he and Paula joined a few months later - May 2001. The idea of a group of people travelling to other cities and meeting and living with members there was interesting and intriguing. By October of that year, edward got involved in his first inbound as FF Dallas hosted FF Hanover, Germany. Since then, he has home hosted over 13 US and international ambassadors and gone on 11 journeys to US and international clubs and locations (mostly Latin America).

Over the years, he has volunteered for various club roles - newsletter editor, 2009 Southwest Region Conference coordinator, treasurer, president, journey coordinator, equipment and technical tamer, shuttle driver coordinator, and now membership and yearbook editor. In Feb 2020, he volunteered as FF Southwest's Regional Field Rep.

He is a native Texan of Spanish & Mexican heritage. He was born at Brooke General Hospital (Fort Sam Houston) in San Antonio and lived there until he moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas. After graduating in 1976 with a computer science degree, he moved to Dallas to work for Texas Instruments. He worked as a software developer, trainer, and requirements analyst, ‘rewiring’ (retiring) in 2014 ("YES!!").

Over the past 30 years, he has volunteered with various organizations individually and as part of his church. He and Paula Rose have lived in Lake Highlands since 1982. Via Paula, he has one daughter, a son-in-law, and three adult grandchildren.


Past Meetings

Meetings coordinator – Paula Rose, paularose2000@hotmail.com

Past Meetings Viewable Online

Were you unable to attend a past meeting? Want to "re-attend" a past meeting? You can view recordings of our prior meetings at our club's YouTube webpage (click on "Videos" or "Playlists"). Recordings run between 50 minutes and just over an hour. You can always "rewind" or "fast forward" sections. You can watch them on your computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV. ....

FF Dallas' YouTube Channel at https://tinyurl.com/FFD-YouTubeChannel...
Or search YouTube for "FFDallas Texas" (include the quotation marks!)

March – Cruising the Caribbean
presented by Mary Williams

Mary gave a great presentation on a cruise to eight of the Eastern Caribean islands, departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico: St Kitts, St. Marten, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, Aruba, Curacao and Isla Margarita Vemezuela.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t recorded but you can see it on the Evergreen Homestays Club YouTube site at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=931OOnyQzt0


April – The Beautiful Southwest
presented by Gerry Arens

In April Gerry Arens took us on a bus trip he and Isabella made in the Southwest of the USA including Sedona, Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns. (This program was recorded and Edward will upload it to our YouTube site later this week) – the link is above.    



Upcoming Meetings

Meetings coordinator – Paula Rose paularose2000@hotmail.com

Members will receive a meeting flyer and Zoom link 2 weeks and 1 week prior to each meeting and the day of the meeting. Guests are welcome and can get a link by contacting edward perez at erperez54@gmail.org

No reservation is needed. For information contact Paula Rose at paularose2000@hotmail.com

A full calendar of the meeting schedule for 2022 can be seen on the Meetings.page.

May – Iceland
presented by Brenda Nibert and Don Wolman

Date/time: Saturday, May 14th at 3pm
Location: Forest Green Library
9619 Greenville Ave, Dallas 75243
OR Optional Zoom
Face masks at the library are optional.
This event is not sponsored by the Dallas Public Library.

Optional dinner: Flaming Cheese Greek,
9025 Forest Lane # 191, Dallas 75243.
Sandwiches and plates $9 - $12. BYOB. No corkage fee.

Guests are very welcome - contact edward perez at erperez54@gmail.com for Zoom access.


June – A Little Known Scandal in Dallas
presented by Sally Rodriguez, Dallas Parks Dept.

Date/time: Saturday, June 11th at 3pm
Location: Forest Green Library,
9619 Greenville Ave, Dallas 75243
OR Optional Zoom
Face masks at the library are optional.
This event is not sponsored by the Dallas Public Library

Optional dinner: Flaming Cheese Greek,
9025 Forest Lane # 191, Dallas 75243.
Sandwiches and plates $9 - $12. BYOB. No corkage.

Guests are very welcome - contact edward perez at erperez54@gmail.com for Zoom access.


Links to recordings of past meetings are on the Meetings page of our website.
Or you can go directly to our past Zoom presentations on our YouTube page:

There will also be Member Connections get-togethers on Third Saturday and Book Club on Fourth Tuesday of each month. See Member Connections.


Journey and Travel News
Journey Coordinator Julia Cooper: acjc1804@hotmail.com

Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, Iowa
Host Coordinator: edward perez
Mary Stull, the Journey Coordinator from FF Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, informed me that they have 12 ambassadors from there and other clubs! They will arrive on Wed Sep 21 and depart Tue Sep 27, 2022 (five full days, six nights).

In fall 2019 they hosted seven of us for a wonderful week exploring eastern Iowa.

Helping conduct an inbound journey is a great way to learn about and work with other Dallas members, learn about journeys, and provide the ambassadors with a welcoming and friendly experience! To conduct this journey we will need volunteers to assist with the following roles during the journey. Training and support WILL be provided.

* Welcome event coordinator
* Home Hosting coordinator & home hosts
* Day Event coordinator
* Day Hosting coordinator & day hosts
* Small group dinner coordinator & hosts
* Farewell event coordinator
* Publicity
* Welcome Bags

Contact edward to volunteer or for more info: erperez54@gmail.com
Phone number is in your Yearbook or contact the webmaster.

Don’t forget to check the FFI website for other possible adventures for 2022. They are a tremendous (and sometimes underutilized) resource for our clubs. You can get information at https://www.thefriendshipforce.org


Club News

Business Cards

Remember - you can order your own FFD business cards from Mary Williams. Give them to people who ask about Friendship Force. This service is free.

Like our page and follow what is going on with FF Dallas.                           

Shuttle Rides
Shuttle Coordinator Aurora Madrigal - aurora487@sbcglobal.net

For those of you doing some traveling or for running errands, remember, use our volunteer shuttle service (see page 45 in your yearbook). Make a new friend or learn about a friend's journey/trip during that ride to/from the airport. Send an email to ffdallas-shuttle@googlegroups.com with info on date, time, and place for pickup and/or drop-off.

Want to become a shuttle driver? WE NEED MORE DRIVERS! Send an email to Aurora Madrigal for more info. If you use this service, remember to send a donation to the club treasurer (Leslie Parker) after your ride and pay your driver $5 for his/her expenses.


Board meetings are being held via Zoom on the Monday after a general meeting. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact our president, Sandy Kaiser (coachsandykaiser@gmail.com) for dates, times and a link to Zoom if you wish to attend. In May, the Board meets on May 16 at 1:30 pm.


The Travel Book Club
Chair: Barbara Taylor - be_taylor@verizon.net

For April the book club had a new host - many thanks to Paula Rose for opening the session and handling the details while I took a few days of vacation. We had ten members attend. And a big thanks to Diana BeHannessy for leading the discussion of The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane. I heard that there was good discussion regarding indigenous cultures and mores, the girls adopted into the U.S. culture and tea differences. Sorry I missed it!

We will select the July book at the upcoming meeting. I sent out a list of possibilities earlier and will remind you before the date. For May, our book is Come, Tell Me How You Live by Agatha Christie.

"Over the course of her long, prolific career, Agatha Christie gave the world a wealth of ingenious whodunits and page-turning locked-room mysteries featuring Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, and a host of other unforgettable characters. She also gave us Come, Tell Me How You Live, a charming, fascinating, and wonderfully witty nonfiction account of her days on an archaeological dig in Syria with her husband, renowned archeologist Max Mallowan. Something completely different from arguably the best-selling author of all time, Come, Tell Me How You Live is an evocative journey to the fascinating Middle East of the 1930s that is sure to delight Dame Agatha’s millions of fans."

FFI as well as FFD members are invited to our book club. Remember, FOURTH Tuesday of the month at NOON, May 24th this time. Great reading ahead!

Notes from a Small Island Bill Bryson Sandy Kaiser 22-Mar
Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane Lisa See Diana Behannesey 26-Apr
Come, Tell Me How You Live Agatha Christie Mary Williams 26-May
The Geat Railway Bazaar Paul Theroux Janis Robinson 28-Jun
TBD     26-Jul

We’d love you to join us at one of our Zoom meetings (even if you haven’t read the book for that month). If you’re not on the email list to receive the link, simply contact Barb Taylor at the above email address.

Thanks, Barb Taylor

Mary Latham shared a link for free e-books:


Newsletter Apprentice Wanted


Then you might like to apprentice with Felicity as editor of this newsletter sent to members every other month. The role of editor involves:

- Attend the board meeting each month via Zoom
- Keep up to date with club activities
- Obtain email updates for the upcoming newsletter
- Transfer this information to the newsletter template

If you’re interested in learning more please contact Felicity Sentance at fsentance@gmail.com.


Membership News and Updates

Vice-President Membership - edward perez, erperez54@gmail.com
Membership News and Updates

May - Spring has sprung, flowers have bloomed, and we're getting out and about more and more! So it appears that sunny days are here again!!
Thanks to Paula for arranging meetings at the Forest Green Library. Now that we are meeting in person again, invite your friends to learn about Friendship Force, meet other members, and enjoy the various presentations given by members and invited presenters. After in-person meetings, we will head to a local restaurant to continue the conversations.

Our recent 3rd Thursdays & Saturdays have been well attended. These are great opportunities to meet & learn about other members as well as have great conversations, great meals, and great venues. Hope to see you at an upcoming gathering! Wishing you a safe and sunny spring!

edward perez
vice president, membership 


Membership Anniversaries

The following members are celebrating a membership anniversary this year. Next time you see them, congratulate them on their anniversary and ask them about their FF experiences.

==> 25 yrs since 1997 ==> 20 yrs since 2002
Mary Jane Wilson

Betty Mayeur
Diana & Marty BeHannesey                           
Dr. Ava Vorosmarty Rowe
Mary Latham
Roger & Sandy Kaiser

Membership Connections

Third Thursdays / Saturdays: In March, 13 members met at El Vecino for a great Tex-Mex lunch and then visited the Dallas Arboretum. Thanks to Mary Latham for the recommendation.

In April, 12 of us met at Little Rome in Plano. Lara Jacobs, Paula's daughter, and Steve Ignatin, Cathy's son, joined us for great conversations and delicious Italian food. Thanks to Roger & Sandy Kaiser for the recommendation.

From May throughout the summer, we will meet on Thursdays and Saturdays for fellowship, field trips, and more. Look for announcements in your email for upcoming "3rd Thursdays/Saturdays".

Know of a great restaurant for lunch or a great place we can visit? Have ideas for Membership Connections topics and/or locations? Like to volunteer to organize and/or host a gathering, field trip, picnic, tasting, etc.? If so, let me know so we can plan a Membership Connections event!!


Changes and Updates

If you move or change your contact information (phone number, email address(es), etc.), let eward perez know.



THANKS to those members who have invited your friends, family, and members of other clubs to our meetings and events. Please continue to share with your friends about Friendship Force and invite them to our meetings and events - just forward club emails to them. If you know of a group that might be interested in learning about FF, please contact me.


Replacement Badges

Do you need to replace a lost or damaged badge? Need a replacement magnet? If so, please contact edward perez who will order a new one. Replacement badges are $14 (mailed to your home) or $11 (pickup in Richardson). Magnets are free.
edward perez
vice president, membership:



Don’t forget to check the FFI website for other possible adventures for 2022. They are a tremendous (and sometimes underutilized) resource for our clubs. You can get information at https://www.thefriendshipforce.org
Click on "News & Updates" for the Blog page and "Virtual Experiences" for the Virtual Experiences page.

Here's a direct link to the FFI Blog which has links to the Friendship Connection newsletters.


Friendship Connection

If you’re are not receiving it or other emails from FFI, you can go to the FFI home page
https://www.thefriendshipforce.org/  then go to the bottom, put your email address in the "email address" box under "Newsletter", then click Subscribe.

FFI VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES Remember, FFI hosts Virtual Experiences presented by FFI staff and members of clubs around the world. There are several "Faces and Places" events. You can see all upcoming events at the following webpage. Toward the bottom of that page is a list of previously recorded events. .... https://blog.friendshipforce.org/virtual-experiences/


Sign up for NEW international website: https://my.friendshipforce.org

Friendship Force Intl has launched a members-only website https://my.friendshipforce.org (myFF.org) with security and privacy built-in.

Currently, each myFF.org registered user has a profile (name, email, country, club, contact info, journeys, etc.). In addition, each FFI club also has a profile (info, photos, founding date, location, and contact details, journey history). FFI has and will be publishing organizational, club, member, and journey news items ONLY to myFF.org (public items will be distributed via a separate email distribution list).

Overtime, users will be able to view information about other clubs and users; view & send messages to other clubs and users (helpful for JCs as well as allow journey participants to keep in touch); and view a personal and global event calendar. Journey coordinators will be able to publicize and manage journeys, while users will be able to apply for and pay for journeys that they've been accepted on.

Other features under consideration include "interest groups" (groups of users who can discuss various topics, hobbies, etc.), virtual experiences and member resources (both being moved from the public websites), communications for your region, and payments for various items.

See the link to the document for signup instructions. You'll need to provide your name, email address, and indicate which club you're a member of. There is other optional information that you can supply.

See the  step by step instructions for signing up for http://my.friendshipforce.org

Let me know if you run into any obstacles or need assistance. Edward perez will be holding some Zoom meetings to walk you through the process. If you do not have access to a computer or tablet, he can help you get signed up. ereperez43@gmail.com

edward perez
VP, membership

FF of Dallas


 FFI – Virtual Journeys

And if actually traveling is still in the future for you, try a Virtual Experience – a class, a part of the world, a lecture. Here’s a direct link to the Virtual Experiences page:


Virtual Experiences

Here are a few available soon. To make sure you have the correct starting time for your time zone, it's easiest to visit our FF Virtual Experience Page. You can see a time zone converter under each event. Just click on it and it'll show you the starting time in your time zone automatically.

Time Zone converter: https://blog.friendshipforce.org/virtual-experiences/

Friendship Force Virtual Experience Recordings:

Virtual Travel Experiences from many countries, cooking, Zoom training, languages, crafts,
photography and more.



Looking to 2022, Friendship Force International has several Journeys on their website for which you can express interest with the caveat that we have no idea if we’ll be able to go on them.
Anticipate that we will travel again!

Check out the new video. This one is in English, but there are links to other languages on the video.

Link to Video

Need information about Friendship Force International (FFI)?
Go to their website at https://www.thefriendshipforce.org/

Our new mailing address is:
Friendship Force International
279 West Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046