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  May, 2020  
  Quick Look  
Journeys 2020 President's Letter Membership News
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President's Notes

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you safe and well and finding ways to keep busy and productive during this time of sheltering in place. Our club’s donation to FFI of $5,000 was greatly appreciated and they are working hard to keep their doors open. Without journeys to provide income they have appealed to all clubs and members to donate. FFI is trying to raise $340,000 to stay operational until the end of the year. As of 5/2, they have received $164,000 in donations. Members are being asked for a $170.00 individual donation (the amount they receive from a one week journey). Any donation in any amount, however, is very welcome and needed.

As a reminder, here is a link to the video from Jeremi Snook along with a quote from it: Jeremi Snook’s video: https://vimeo.com/401115396/1c1cc9f634

I am asking everyone to step up and commit to donating one week worth of a US outbound Journey fee to FFI; more, if you are able to do so. We often talk about how “one week” on an FFI Journey can change your life. During this crisis, “one week” can ensure that FFI will be here in 2021 and beyond, for you and for future generations. If we all come together and give, even just a little, collectively we can ensure Friendship Force’s future.’ If you have donated to FFI, THANK YOU! If you would like to donate, you can donate by check or via this web page (incurs a small fee):


(Note, according to the recently passed CARES Act, individuals will be able to deduct up to $300 from their income on their 2020 tax return, even if they do not itemize).

During one of our telephone check-ins, members said that they are cooking, reading, dancing, taking on-line classes, cleaning closets, sorting old photos and doing all those annoying tasks we all put off. I'm taking a basic Spanish class in the hope that I'll be able to travel before too long.

For opera fans, Mary Williams suggests you check out https://www.metopera.org/user.../nightly-met-opera-streams/.  It’s free and offers an opportunity to see and hear some of the greatest operas and stars from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. For armchair travelers, check out some recently enhanced museum websites. Many of the world’s greatest museums have created virtual tours. The Palace Museum in Beijing allows you to explore the Forbidden City in high definition and to see many areas that are not available to the public. The Vatican Museum, the Uffizi, and our own Nasher have enhanced their websites to show their collections on-line.

As you’ll see below there will be no meeting in May, but there will be one in June via Zoom, so please try to attend. So, stay home, stay well and be kind to yourself and each other.

In Friendship,

Carolyn McMurray, President
In Friendship,

Carolyn McMurray, President


Past Meetings

Meetings coordinator – Paula Rose: paularose2000@hotmail.com

Our March, April and May meetings were cancelled due to the virus shutdown. We did a phone-in on two days in April for members to touch base. Your Board met one time by conference call.  


Upcoming Meetings

A full calendar of the revised meeting schedule for 2020 can be seen at Meetings.


Date/Time: Sunday June 14 - 3 pm
Location: Zoom online
Program: Maintaining FF Friendships
     After much brainstorming, there WILL be a
     meeting in June.  Paula Rose asks for volunteer
     speakers to discuss how they have met
     people through FF and maintained the friendship.

Talks will be 3-5 minutes in length plus time for questions. UPDATE: Speakers so far include Isabella Iverson, Sandy Kaiser and Leyla Akgerman. Please contact Paula at her email address, above, by May 8th if you can speak on this topic.

Edward perez will send out an invitation to members 2 weeks, 1 week and again 3 days before the meeting with a link that you will simply need to click to access the program. Guests: please contact edward perez to be invited to join this meeting.



Date/Time: Saturday July 11 - 3 pm
Location: Zoom online
Program: PowerPoint presentation on Dallas to Iowa Journey - October 2019
     Presenter: Mary Williams

Ray Enstam will send out an invitation to members 2 weeks, 1 week and again 3 days before the meeting with a link that you will simply need to click to access the program. Guests: please contact Ray Enstam to be invited to join this meeing.



Date/Time: Saturday August 8 - 3 pm
Location: Zoom online
Program: Frankford Preservation Foundation...an historic chapel, restored Blackland Prairie and historic graveyard in the Renner-Frankford area. We will be invited to the actual site for a celebration at a later time.
      Presenter: Kathy Wells Power

Ray Enstam will send out an invitation to members 2 weeks, 1 week and again 3 days before the meeting with a link that you will simply need to click to access the program. Guests: please contact Ray Enstam to be invited to join this meeing.

Info: Paula Rose - paularose2000@hotmail.com


Journeys 2020

2020 International Journeys
International Journey Coordinator Sandy Kaiser, coachsandykaiser@gmail.com

Kaohsiung, Taiwan Inbound
This Journey has been cancelled by the Kaohsiung Club.
2020 Festival at Sea Cruise
September 27, 2020 – October 12, 2020
This Journey has been cancelled by FFI.

2020 Domestic Journeys

Domestic Journey Coordinator – Julia Cooper, acjc1804@hotmail.com

Dayton, Ohio - June 28 – July 5  joining 3-5 Ambassadors from Russia.
This Journey has been cancelled by the Dayton Club due to virus shutdowns and cancellations by the Russian ambassadors.

Super Regional Conference -
Sept 18-20, 2020 in Minneapolis
This conference and pre-trip to Lake Superior have been cancelled due to virus shutdowns. See more details on Southwest Conference page.



Inbound – May, 2021 – Central Israel to Dallas and San Antonio TX
UPDATE: This Journey has cancelled by Central Israel club as of June 15, 2020.

Outbound – October, 2021 - Dallas TX to Coatepec, Mexico

These dates seem a long way off but Sandy will soon be soliciting Journey Coordinators for both Journeys so she’d welcome volunteers. You can read more about what a Coordinator does on P. 38–39 in your 2020 FFD Yearbook.


Inbound - Wisconsin-Madison to Dallas - Dates TBA

Outbound - Dallas to Charleston SC - Dates TBA

Julia Cooper will soon be soliciting Journey Coordinators for both Journeys so she’d welcome volunteers. You can read more about this on P. 38 – 39 in your 2020 FFD Yearbook.


Club News

New Field Rep
By edward perez

Last March, Kay Binder contacted me about being the Southwest Region Field Representative as Karen Vingiello was not able to continue her term. I accepted and am now the field rep for the clubs in our region (Wichita, Kansas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Ft Worth, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Texas; Baton Rouge, Louisiana).

Essentially, a Field Rep is a liaison between the clubs in a region and FF International staff and Board. In addition, a Field Rep keeps updated on club leadership; assists clubs and journey coordinators (for example, requesting, receiving, and publicizing journeys); participates in US and Canada Field Rep meetings and shares pertinent information with club presidents; provides and shares training materials with clubs; assists in regional and super regional conference planning; and other duties as they arise.

So far, I've attended two US and Canada Field Rep meetings - just as the Coronavirus pandemic was spreading around the world and in the USA. FFI staff and Jeremi Snook (CEO/President) informed us about the Board's and staff's review of revenue, budget, staffing, projects, etc. as well as the global fund raising campaign now underway (as a member of FF of Dallas, you should have received an appeal from Jeremi -see above).

FYI - after furloughing three staff, there are now five full-time and six part-time staff, working 4 out of 5 days. Jeremi also let the field reps know that he and members of the Board are willing to meet with our club and/or Board. You can also email Jeremi directly with any questions, comments, ideas, etc. If you have questions about FFI's mission, finances, fund-raising campaign, etc., please contact me and I'll provide what answers I can and find out for those I cannot answer. And if you have questions, concerns, ideas about clubs, journeys, training, etc., please contact me and I work to get you the info or a resolution.

In friendship,
edward perez, FFI USA Southwest Region Field Representative

Congratulations to edward for being selected for this office. We are proud of you!


Board Meetings

Board meetings are still being held via conference call. All members are welcome to attend. Please contact our president, Carolyn McMurray for dates, times and phone in information should you wish to do so.

Shuttle Service
Shuttle Coordinator Aurora Madrigal aurora487@sbcglobal.net

Remember, if you need a ride to go to/from a local airport or to/from an appointment, use our volunteer shuttle service (see page 45 in your yearbook). Make a new friend or learn about a friend's journey/trip during that ride to/from the airport. Send an email to ffdallas-shuttle@googlegroups.com with info on date, time, and place for pickup and/or drop-off. Want to become a shuttle driver? Send an email to Aurora Madrigal aurora487@sbcglobal.net for more info.

FFD shuttle service for members and their families is staffed by several FFD members. It is mostly used to go to and from either airport with a suggested donation to the club of $30. The Board has recently decided to change the payment plan and asks that the driver be given $5 of the total donation to help defray the cost of his/her tolls and gas. Then pay the balance by check to FFDallas and send it to our Treasurer, LouAnn King. We also could use more drivers (see Yearbook).

FFD Business Cards

Remember - you can order your own FFD business cards from Mary Williams with your name and email address on them. Give them to people you tell about Friendship Force. This service is free.


You can also let your friends and family know about Friendship Force by sharing yours experiences on your social media account(s). Invite them to attend an upcoming monthly meeting, an event or an inbound or outbound journey. FF Dallas has a Facebook page that you can like and follow as well as share with your other FB friends. https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/

However, remember Facebook rules: Anyone may post comments or photos on our page, but only posts about FF are acceptable. The club can get in trouble with the IRS for posts that advertise or endorse commercial products or businesses, so please do not do that.

Sunshine Report
Cathy Ignatin, Sunshine Chair cignatin@hotmail.com

Betty Mayeur is recuperating at home, now, with the help of her son and daughter -in-law. She had a fall and broke her femur and will not be able to put weight on it for 12 weeks from surgery. She is doing well and her home therapy starts next week. In the meantime she would appreciate cards and calls and whatever we can leave on her doorstep. She can be reached at her home phone number which is in your 2020 yearbook.

If you know of anyone who needs anything from Sunshine, please give me a call: sometimes I don’t hear of a need until they are well. Thanks.

Culture Pass

For arts lovers – the Dallas Public Library now has a Culture Pass available to members to enable them to obtain free, or greatly reduced, tickets for local performances. Further information can be obtained at https://culturepass.dallasculture.org


Membership News and Updates
by Vice-President Membership - edward perez, erperez54@gmail.com
Our family thanks all of you for kind wishes, visits and support for Lee and all of us during his illness and on his passing. We think of Friendship Force for making new friends and working for world peace but your kindness as we traveled this recent journey really showed the true meaning of friendship as you were there for Lee and all of our family.

Thank you,
Mary Latham

What a difference a month makes!!! I hope that you and your family are staying healthy, safe, and sane in your isolation and physical distancing! As noted elsewhere in this newsletter, we have cancelled all in-person meetings and gatherings.

Program Chair Paula Rose is looking into online meetings. Soon, this will pass and we'll be able to meet, offer gratitude, and reconnect via meeting and Gathering with Friends! I held phone conference calls in early April to allow folks to check-in and reconnect. 15 members called in and shared news and info.

* In May, I will schedule another phone conference as well as a video conference - watch your emails and then JOIN IN to check-in and reconnect!

* MEMBERSHIP UPDATES With no meetings, we do not have any new members. Do continue to share with your friends about Friendship Force and bring them to our "re-opening" meeting.

* GATHERING WITH FRIENDS Until the Dallas and Plano county governments allow restaurants to open, no gatherings for now.

Let people know about FF of Dallas!

THANKS to those members who have invited your friends and family to meetings and events. Word of mouth is one of our best ways to attract new members! So, invite your friends and family to attend an upcoming monthly meeting, an event, or an inbound or outbound journey. Just forward our emails to them about an upcoming meeting and/or our newsletters.

FF of Dallas has a Facebook page that you can like and follow as well as share with your other FB friends. https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/

If you know of a group or organization to which we can present info about Friendship Force of Dallas or if you know of any advertising media where we can get out the word on Friendship Force, please let me know (see contact info below).

Changes and Updates

If you move or change your contact information (phone number, email address(es), etc.), let me know I'll distribute a directory update in March.

Replacement Badges

Need to replace a lost or damaged badge? Need a replacement magnet? If so, please contact edward perez who will order a new one. Replacement badges are $14 (mailed to your home) or $11 (pickup in Richardson). Magnets are free.
edward perez, vice president, membership:  erperez54@gmail.com



FFI Video

Check out the new video. This one is in English, but there are links to other languages on the video.

Link to Video

Need information about Friendship Force International (FFI)?
Go to their website at https://www.thefriendshipforce.org/