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  September, 2019  
  Quick Look  
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President's Notes

Hi friends,

It’s hard to believe that it is almost September. Before we know it, we will be getting ready for the Holidays. At our November General Meeting we will be having the election of our five officers. Nominated are Carolyn McMurray, Isabella Iverson, Edward Perez, Barbara Taylor and Lou Ann King.

We have several Journeys being planned for 2020. In September we have an inbound from Kaohsiung Taiwan, which is the club hosting the FFI International Conference in 2021. At some point we hope to host a domestic inbound – negotiations are in progress, so watch this space. We’d like to have as many of our members as possible participating in the Journeys; there are lots of different opportunities available and it’s a great way for new members to join in, meet other members and learn our processes.

As many of you know, our club has an FFD shuttle service for members and their families, staffed by several FFD members. It is mostly used to go to and from either airport with a suggested donation to the club of $30.00. The Board has recently decided to change this and proposes the driver be given $5.00 of the total donation to help defray the cost of tolls and gas. We also could use more drivers (see handbook). So far this year the club has received $635 in donations. Hurray for the shuttle drivers!

In friendship,

Julia Cooper, President


Past Meetings

Meetings coordinator – Paula Rose: paularose2000@hotmail.com

July Meeting

On Saturday July 13 & Sunday July 14 members met in small groups at member’s homes to share food and conversation. Thanks to the hosts: Diane and Marty BeHannesey, Jackie and Michael Wald, Sandy and Roger Kaiser and Barbara Taylor. As three hosts dropped out, the BeHanneseys had twelve for dinner! And those without a host went as a group to the restaurant, Thai Opal. Dinners were arranged by Pat Andeweg with the help of Ruth Barrow.


August Meeting

On August 10 Gerry Arens gave a presentation on the FF trip he and Isabella made earlier this year to Bogotá, Colombia, Quito, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The Bogotá club always keeps visitors really busy and this was no exception. They went to the memorial of the Battle of Independence from Spain at Puente de Boyacá, a rose farm (a massive industry in Colombia), Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Fátima and the Gold Museum among other places.

That week was followed by extensions to Quito, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands. Thanks Gerry!



Upcoming Meetings

September Meeting - World Conference

Date/Time: Saturday September 14, 3-5 pm
Place: Renner-Frankford Library, 6400 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75252 (just east of Preston Rd.)
Program: Presentation on FFI World Conference - Boulder
   Presenter: edward perez
Cost: Free / Dinner afterwards at nearby restaurant on your own
No reservation needed.
Info: Paula Rose - paularose2000@hotmail.com

A full calendar of the meetings in 2019 can be seen on the Meetings page.


October Special Event - Lunch/Arboretum

Date/Time: TUESDAY Oct 15th, 10:15-11:30 brunch
Brunch Place: JJ's Restaurant, 10233 NW Highway, Dallas 75238; 214-221-4659
   Restaurant is in shopping center at southeast corner NW Highway and Ferndale
   Brunch buffet with 3 or more entrees, veggies, fruit - $10.87 with drink and tax
   (but not tip) or order from menu (also can order breakfast items)
   We will have a private room in the back near the buffet.

Arboretum: Meet at 12 pm at front gate of Arboretum to make up groups for pass holders.
Enjoy pumpkin displays etc at Arboretum at leisure

No reservations... OK to come to just brunch or just Arboretum


October Meeting - Festival at Sea (rescheduled)

Date/Time: Saturday October 19, 3-5 pm
Place: Renner-Frankford Library, 6400 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75252
(just east of Preston Rd.)
Program: Presentation on Festival at Sea Cruise to South America
   Presenter: Anne Neal
Cost: Free / Dinner afterwards on your own at Banana Leaf (Thai)
No reservation needed.
Info: Paula Rose - paularose2000@hotmail.com



Outbound Journey to Madison, Wisconsin and Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Sept, 25 – Oct 7, 2019
Journey Coordinator edward perez - erperez54@gmail.com

We are invited to enjoy the Autumn leaf colour and visit other locations in the area, with these clubs in late September and October. This will be a chance to meet members in Madison and Cedar Rapids together with those ambassadors visiting from Aichi, Japan.

See more information on the Journeys page. This Journey is now filled.

Ambassadors from Dallas are:
Leyla Akgerman, Roger and Sandy Kaiser, edward perez and Paula Rose to Madison plus two more to Cedar Rapids - adding Marcia Walker (who went with us to New Zealand in 2014 and lives in Columbia, Mo) and Mary Williams.


2020 International Journey
September 22 - 18, 2020
International Journey Coordinator - Ray Enstam, enstam@sbcglobal.net

In 2020 we will be hosting Kaohsiung, Taiwan with arrival in Dallas on September 11 and departure on September 18. They will also be going to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in August, from there to Salvador-Bahia and Fortaleza, Brazil. From Brazil they will come to Dallas. This is the club that will host the 2021 International Conference.

We are looking for a Journey Coordinator for the Taiwan visit, so if you are interested or would like to know more, please contact Ray at the address above.

We did not receive any international outbound journey for 2020. We remain on the waiting list should anything becomes available.


Domestic Journeys
Domestic Journey Coordinator – Sharri McIntosh

Several possible Domestic Journeys are being explored for our club.


Opportunities with Other Clubs

Two opportunities within our Southwest Conference have become available. If you are interested, please contact these Coordinators ASAP.

FF San Antonio to Baton Rouge

Would you enjoy a short break on a Domestic Journey to Baton Rouge, LA? We've received an invitation from Carol White of the San Antonio club. If you're interested, she'd like to receive applications by the end of this month (August) since the Journey is in November.

San Antonio to Baton Rouge LA
Nov 12-19, 2019

Due to last minute cancellations there are some spaces available. Baton Rouge has planned a great journey that will include a day trip to New Orleans with lunch and a boat ride on the Mighty Mississippi River. There will be visits to a plantation, historic buildings & sites, a swamp boat tour, great music, food, all Southern Louisiana & Cajun style.
Cost: $395 (including FFI fees) plus your transportation to get there.
Contact Carol White, San Antonio FF club Journey Coordinator at 210-269-2508 for further details.


FF Oklahoma to Gold Coast, Australia and Horowhenua, New Zealand

FF Oklahoma is looking for ambassadors for a Journey to FF Gold Coast, Australia and FF Horowhenua, NZ (north of Wellington on North Island) in May 2020.

Journey fee for both clubs is still to be determined but will be $640-740+ (FFI fee $340; Hosting fees of $300-400) plus earned seat fee, administration fee, and contingency fee. International airfare, travel/medical insurance, and any extensions/trips before or afterward are extra. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Geneva Hancock at genevahancock7@gmail.com.


Traveling with other clubs

When you travel with another club you help fill their seats and make new friends in another club as well as your destination club. See the FFI openings: https://www.friendshipforce.org/journeys/

They are also listed on our Other Clubs page.

If you are interested in any of these journeys, contact the Coordinator ASAP. The decision for a journey to go or to cancel occurs at least 90 days preceding a scheduled date. Notice of remaining seats can be out of date as journeys fill and there are cancellations. Contact the coordinator concerned for the most current information.


Club News

Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be Monday, September 9th at 1:30 pm at Julia Cooper’s house.
All members are welcome to attend.

Nominations for 2020 Officers

Ray Enstam chaired a committee made up of Ray, Paula Rose and John Whaley to find a slate of possible officers for 2020.  Nominated are:
- Carolyn McMurray - President
- Isabella Iverson -1st Vice-President
- Edward Perez  - 2nd Vice-President Membership
- Barbara Taylor - Secretary
- Lou Ann King - Treasurer
At our November General Meeting we will be having the election for these five offices. Nominations may also be made from the floor. Other committee chairs are appointed.

Shuttle Service Changes

FFD shuttle service for members and their families is staffed by several FFD members. It is mostly used to go to and from either airport with a suggested donation to the club of $30. The Board has recently decided to change the payment plan and asks that the driver be given $5 of the total donation to help defray the cost of his/her tolls and gas. Then pay the balance by check to FFDallas and send it to our Treasurer, LouAnn King. We also could use more drivers (see handbook).

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service is available to any FF of Dallas member who needs transportation from their home to either airport or from the airport to your home. You can also use this service to destinations other than airports. After your ride, you make a donation to FF of Dallas and your driver.

If you need a ride, send an email to ffDallas-shuttle@googleGroups.com and all club members who are shuttle drivers will receive your request.

If you would like to be a shuttle driver, contact edward perez at erperez@gmail.com and he'll add you to the list. Take this opportunity to help out your club while meeting and learning about your fellow club members. You are not obligated to handle every request, but please do what you can.

If you would like to manage the shuttle driver list, contact edward perez and he'll help you learn how to manage the list. It's very easy - you just need access to email and the Internet.

In friendship,
edward perez
Shuttle Service Manager

FFD Business Cards

Remember - you can order your own FFD business cards from Mary Williams with your name and email address on them. Give them to people you tell about Friendship Force. This service is free.


You can also let your friends and family know about Friendship Force by sharing yours experiences on your social media account(s). Invite them to attend an upcoming monthly meeting, an event or an inbound or outbound journey. FF Dallas has a Facebook page that you can like and follow as well as share with your other FB friends. https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/

However, remember Facebook rules: Anyone may post comments or photos on our page, but only posts about FF are acceptable. The club can get in trouble with the IRS for posts that advertise or endorse commercial products or businesses, so please do not do that.

Sunshine Report
Cathy Ignatin, Sunshine Chair cignatin@hotmail.com

Martha Durst is at home now and doing well after shoulder surgery. She has Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy coming to the house and welcomes company if you will just call first. Should you want to phone her please contact Cathy Ignatin for the number. Her NEW email address (note the name ‘durst’ is all upper case): DURST6070@twc.com

Ruth Barrow is at home recuperating from surgery.

If you know of anyone who needs anything from Sunshine, please give me a call: sometimes I don’t hear of a need until they are well. Thanks.


Photography Clusters

Interested in photography? Want to learn how to be a better photographer to record your Journeys and help sell FF to others? Unfortunately, we now have no leader for this group, so if you’re interested in heading it up contact our president, Julia Cooper, or email directly to Roz Worrall in California at FFIPhotoCC@gmail.com  who is heading up this nationwide group and has lots of great ideas.

Here’s a message from Roz:
You are always welcome to contact me at FFIPhotoCC@gmail.com if you are interested about what FFI Photography Club Clusters are all about, in signing up to start a cluster, or need some help and inspiration in getting your photo cluster started. Likewise, I would love to hear from you if you have photography resources to share, suggestions, ideas to contribute, or would like to be a part of the FFI Photo CC volunteer leadership team.

Rozlynn Worrall
FFI Photography Club Cluster Coordinator

One of the joys of our Friendship Force Journeys are shared experiences with our new friends around the world. Our organization's signature program of immersion homestay is what makes Friendship Force unique and provides the best photographic opportunity to share with the rest of the world of how we create friendships and build peace.

Yes, we eat together and pose for group photos in interesting destinations (most common and least interesting photographs to non-members), but we may also be engaged in activities that are of higher interest to potential members who are looking for cultural experiences beyond what they would see and do with travel clubs or accommodation services organizations. As an ambassador, you may experience a wedding, a birthday party, a first day of school celebration, a game night, harvest, floral arranging, cooking, sports activity, milking a cow, fixing a fence, grocery shopping, setting the table, teaching in a classroom, service or art project with your host family. These are shared experiences that distinguish Friendship Force hosted home stays. You become a member of your host family. Shared experiences change casual acquaintance relationships into friendships.

If you have not experienced these types of home stays as an ambassador, think about how as a host club you could create these types of experiences for inbound journeys. Once a shared experience is happening, step back from your involvement and with your camera take the photos of others that capture the moment of the Shared Experience. These are the unique photos that FFI would love to share on a global stage.


Membership News and Updates
by Vice-President Membership - edward perez, erperez54@gmail.com

"The falling leaves ...Drift by the window
The autumn leaves ...Of red and gold!"
(Autumn Leaves, Songwriters: Jacques Prevert, Johnny Mercer, Joseph Kosma)

Yep, in just a few weeks, autumn will here. Time to regroup, reconnect, re-energize. I hope that you had a great summer, either with family, friends, the FFI World Conference, or a Friendship Force Journey - Exploring and Discovering Common Ground.

A new member gathering is in the planning stages. The gathering is for new members to meet each other, Board members and club members; to learn more about FFI and FF Dallas; and to learn how they can serve, contribute and help our club. If you are a new member, watch for an invitation to this September event.

Membership Updates and News

The club now has 88 members (including 3 emeritus and 2 associate members). Remember to extend your hand of friendship to all our new members (15 so far this year) at an upcoming meeting or event!
- New members:  Amy Allen, Vicki Hubbard, Sally Dyer, Anne and Jack Young, Lisa Stripling, Charlotte Tarrell, Mary Driver, Mary Weis, Barbara Reyes, Aurora and Felix Madrigal, Beth and Randy Tetzlaff, and Joyce Smith.

And THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE INVITED YOUR FRIENDS TO MEETINGS AND EVENTS. Word of mouth is one of our best ways to attract new members!! If you know of a group or organization to which we can present info about Friendship Force of Dallas, or if you know of any advertising media where we can get out the Friendship Force word, please let me know (see contact info above).

Friendship Gatherings

* Meals with Gatherings
We hold these casual events (either at lunch or dinner time and either on weekdays or weekends) to allow you time to meet with other club members and share stories about our lives and journeys. Our next gathering will be in October - brunch and then a visit to "Autumn at the Arboretum". (October announcement above)

* Wine Tastings Update
Once autumn arrives and the weather cools down a bit, we'll hold several of these (wine, beer, tea, coffees, even kombucha?). These will be small groups. Dates, times, and costs to be announced.

* "How can I help?"
Know of a restaurant than can accommodate 10-20 in a separate space?? Want to host a "Meals with Gatherings" or a "Tastings with Friends"?? Have an idea for a different kind of friendship gathering (food tasting, arts event, festival, etc)?? Want to coordinate one of these events?? Want to contribute/serve on a committee or on our board?? If so, please let me know (see contact info above). 
Invite your family & friends to attend an upcoming monthly meeting, an event or an inbound or outbound journey. Just forward our emails to them about an upcoming meeting and/or our newsletters. Or share your experiences on your social media account(s).

You can also visit with another member by using or being a driver in our volunteer shuttle service to go to/from a local airport or to/from an appointment (see page 43 in your 2019 yearbook).

FF Dallas has a Facebook page that you can like and follow as well as share with your other FB friends. https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/

"CH, CH, CH, Changes..."
(David Bowie)
Let me know via email to erperez54@gmail.com if ... + you move or change your contact information (phone number, email address(es), etc.)
+ you need a replacement badge ($14, $10.50 if you pick it up in Richardson).

Wishing you a great autumn with friendships and fun!


FFI News

Check out the new video. This one is in English, but there are links to other languages on the video.

Link to Video

Need information about Friendship Force International (FFI)?
Go to their website at https://www.thefriendshipforce.org/





2020 Journey Fee Announcement

After nearly a year-long discussion about the rising cost of doing business, the International Board of Directors unanimously approved a small increase to FFI Journey fees starting in January 2020.

It has been five years since Journey fees have increased, and in that time, global inflation has increased nearly 8%. Friendship Force International continues to use both Journey fees and donations in efficient, cost-effective ways. These funds support existing clubs, create and sustain exceptional friendship-building programs, and help establish new opportunities to encourage peace through friendship around the globe. This small increase in Journey fees will help us to remain in step with rising business costs worldwide and better support our mission now and for years to come.

The Board is optimistic about the upcoming launch of FFI’s new strategic plan as well as several new clubs that are currently in development. Although we cannot avoid fee increases from time to time, our greatest strength remains the sustainability of our clubs and growth of new ones to carry us into the future. Thank you for your continued involvement and support of Friendship Force!


Additional Address for FFI

In an effort to expedite mailed checks, letters, and other items to FFI Headquarters, we have acquired a P.O. box designated for immediate receipt of mail. Please use this mailing address for any and all payments or other mailings that you need us to receive immediately:

Friendship Force International
Attn: Finance Department
P.O. Box 570
Asheville, NC 28802

Please note that our current mailing address is still active and open for use; this new P.O. box is just to supplement that. Be sure to have both addresses in your address book! Our current mailing address is still:

Friendship Force International
400 West Peachtree Street NW
Suite #4-980, Atlanta, GA 30308



As an alternative form of payment, FFI has introduced e-checks for payment for travel insurance, Journeys and club dues. This will be a form of payment directly from your bank to theirs. Unlike credit card payment, which are immediate, the process will take up to 7 days to process but, like credit card payments, are secure. For more information look for the ‘Payments’ tab under the member resources section of their website here https://www.thefriendshipforce.org/resources/

If you have any questions, please contact finance@friendshipforce.org.

Member Resources

The Member Resources page is here to help make your involvement with Friendship Force easier!
If you have any questions, please contact finance@friendshipforce.org.

Stories of Friendship

Send stories of your FF experiences that have helped eliminate barriers that separate us and bring us closer together. Send to: http://storiesoffriendship.org/


International Conference in 2019
By Mary Williams

The biennial Conference of Friendship Force International met at the University of Colorado in Boulder from Tues July 23 through Friday morning July 26th.


Our new Southwest Regional Field Rep, Karen Vingiello (from Baton Rouge) hosted a happy hour at nearby Capelli’s Italian Restaurant preceding our Conference for SW delegates to get together and say hello.

Delegates from Dallas included Roger and Sandy Kaiser, Paula Rose, edward perez, Doris Rodriguez, Cathy Ignatin, Patty Niemeyer, Barbara Taylor, Isabella Iverson, Gerry Arens, and Mary Williams. In all, 44 clubs were represented, with 550 in attendance.


Teresa Wilkin - Olympia, Judy Hornsby - Cincinnati, Kumiko Hashimoto & YoshikoKoizumi - Sapporo,Japan.  Barbecue dinner (ladies from Africa)

Isabella Iverson with ambassadors from Volta Lake, Ghana

The Conference officially opened on Tuesday with a welcome from the Mayor of Boulder, Suzanne Jones.

CEO of FFI Jeremi Snook welcomed delegates. He stressed reaching out, making new friends and finding new opportunities. The number of clubs stands at 360 in 60 countries worldwide – a declining number. With attrition of older members we are still not attracting enough members in our target market.

FFI is addressing this situation by investing in growth through technology:
· revising our database making it easier to use
· publishing our website and official documents in several more languages
· making member resources more accessible on our website
· Improving communication with non-English speaking clubs around the world by providing translations, social media, registration, forms in several languages. (He called for volunteer translators.)
· advancing use of technology – use of grant and foundation money

He asked us to remember why we are here, remind people why we do what we do, and to be leaders in our communities.

Dr. Michael English was the keynote speaker. Dr. English is an author and specialist in the Peace, Conflict and Security Program at the University of Colorado. He spoke on conflict analysis and resolution. He spoke on “The Power of Friendship in Dangerous Times” and how our building relationships worldwide contributes to peace in the world. What we do matters. As we travel abroad and invite others into our homes, we reduce gaps, stereotypes and polarizations. We can use these same skills among our own families, friends and organizations, using non-violent ways to solve conflicts.

He said that by the time violence occurs, a toxic situation has been going on for a long time. We need to be aware of pre-cursors to violence – differences escalating to hostile verbal exchanges, then polarization and loss of trust, violence and war. It is harder to de-escalate from war with negotiated settlements, normalization of relations and reconciliation. Better tactics are to begin with accommodating differences, not becoming entrenched in positions to achieve goals, and being respectful of others. Look for areas of agreement and joint projects. Our role as citizen diplomats is non-threatening and enhances the rich human experience.

A variety of excellent workshops was offered at each of seven time slots, several repeating – including:
• Planning and Leading an Inspirational Journey
• Communicating Without a Common Language
• Characteristics of an Awe-Inspiring Host Program
• How to Become a “City of Peace”
• Hosting the Open World Leadership Center Program
• It’s a Match! How Journeys are Requested and Assigned
• Characteristics of an Effective FFI Ambassador
• What Can FFI Regional Support Managers and Field Reps Do for My Club?
• Attributes of a Strong Club
• Useful (and FREE) Technology – making the most of Google
• A Perennial Approach to Club Development
• Hey, You Made the News!: Media Relations for Your Club
• Friendship Force Website Walkthrough
• Recruitment for Membership and Journeys
• Planning an Inbound Global Journey
• FFI Strategic Plan: How Clubs Can Help FFI Grow
• What is The Friendship Force?
• Leadership Happens: Training and Succession Planning
• Our Inner Force of Peace
• Social Media to Build Community
• How to Pack Like a Champ
• Must-Have Apps On The Go
• Ready, Set, READ! Preparing for Your Travels
• Best Practices: Club Websites and Data Security
• Your Membership Toolkit
• Sharing a Journey Experience: Photography, Stories, Social Media & More!
• Marketing for Clubs - Websites & Social Media

These presentations will be posted on the FFI website soon so you can see what was presented and get specific information. www.friendshipforce.org

The final party was a barbecue dinner in Boulder with a bluegrass band and dancing. Jeremi Snook gave awards to best club – Sacramento - and to outstanding members and projects. He thanked members of the FFI staff, many of whom were in attendance.

The traveling Conference Cup was passed from Manchester to Boulder, where it will reside until the next conference in 2021 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the club that will be visiting us in September of 2020.

The Fundraiser for this year was a nearly-secret auction of homestay opportunities, with homes donated by members. Money raised on high bids went to FFI. Over $1600 was raised.