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  September, 2017  
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President's Notes

Hello everyone.

Ever wonder why we love to travel so much? We can’t help it. We were born with wanderlust and curiosity and science has now confirmed it. The need to travel and explore is in our DNA and we simply can’t help it.

This week I read a couple of articles about the Wanderlust gene. For you science fans, the gene is identified as DRD4-7R. Those who have this gene share a history of traveling among other traits. It is estimated that about 20% of the population has it. (Should we consider DNA testing to identify potential new members for FFD so we can recruit them?) It is more prevalent in societies where people, including their ancestors, have migrated longer distances and is more common in North and South America. Look at the backgrounds of the people in these places and it is easy to see that most immigrated or had ancestors who migrated to these continents.

There is more to this gene than just a need to travel. David Dobbs of National Geographic said a mutant form of the Wanderlust gene “…results in people who are more likely to take risks; explore new places, ideas, foods….” People with this gene “…generally embrace movement, change and adventure.”

I know this gene runs in my family. My favorite aunt and her daughter were always on the go to see new places and have new adventures. Her favorite saying was “Let’s go!” and off she would go. I have this gene too. I am truly happy when traveling or planning my next trip. I’m always trying new places, especially new ethnic restaurants and cultural fairs. I now believe this gene influenced my career. I went into international law so I could travel. Unfortunately, I started this work at the same time technology lessened the need to travel for work. Was my timing off or what? But, I could email or phone anyone anywhere in the world for work and I did many, many times. I traveled vicariously through the work we did in other countries, in emails and calls with employees and other people in those countries. I met some wonderful people this way.

Does this describe you or someone you know? Like everyone in Friendship Force? I’ve told you my story. Now tell us how this gene has influenced you. I know every one of you has a story and understand yourself better now you know you have the Wanderlust gene. Send us your story and Felicity will print as many as she can in the next edition of this newsletter.

In friendship,

Mary Latham, President


Pat Andeweg
As a child, we lived all over England and Scotland on account of my father's work. I think I added up the number of schools I had attended once...13!! After getting my SRN (State Registered Nurse) it was off to Malaya for nursing with the Australian Red Cross mostly in the jungle and running a kindergarten from which I soon got fired… used to let the kids do what they liked whilst I read! Back to UK from Singapore with stops in India, Suez and a few other places.

After midwifery in London, shocked my poor mother by signing on with National Iranian Oil Company for a position in Iran. All my friends were headed for Vancouver but I thought that too tame. Two years in Iran with side trips to Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq then hitch-hiked back to UK, at least as far as Rome, when winter set in and I had no warm clothes so flew to UK but not until I had roamed Lebanon, Damascus, Turkey and Greece.

Then my brother, who had settled in Australia, suggested I join him so I decided to see the USA en-route. Met Frits and we married one month after meeting so, although I’ve made many visits to OZ and have seen much or that country, I’ve never actually lived there. However, Frits and I travelled and lived in in Europe and made various travels around the world.

Since he passed, I have catered to my more adventurous streak...Panama, India, the Amazon. Now I am in Scandinavia...very pleasant but a bit English...high tea and all that on a PO liner with OZ family. Can't wait until I set off for Indonesia in Sept. Got to make the most of every opportunity at my age!

Julia Cooper
Summer 1960 my family and I went on a 2 week car tour of Devon and Cornwall. It poured with rain every day and my sister and I constantly argued. Upon return home my father announced that that was our last English vacation. Next year we went to San Sebastian, Spain. I was 12 years old and I haven't stopped travelling since then.

At 23 years of age I came to Dallas, knowing no one, but as a newly graduated RN ready for an adventure. When Art was working hard, I took off often on an adventure alone. 2009 found me in a wonderful safari lodge in Zimbabwe. On arrival in Johannesburg most of my US Dollars were stolen. The Zimbabwean currency was completely devalued so no money in ATMs. Credit cards were not accepted. No souvenirs that trip.

2012 I took off to Kenya, again, alone. None of the safari tours were what I wanted. So, with the help of a travel agent in Nairobi, we put my own private tour together. There were a few low points (like the travel agent not paying National Park fees which were quite substantial) but the adventure was incredible…. being the only passenger in a 6 seater plane and circling around Mount Kilimanjaro several times or sitting on the balcony of my chalet and having an elephant walk by.

Travelling is definitely in my genes. My little granddaughter in San Francisco, at the age of 8, has already been to 21 countries. I hope I can keep travelling but I think, now, closer to home.

Paula Rose

I know I have the "travel gene". How?? In fourth grade viewing photos of Machu Picchu, I said ‘I'm going there someday’ much to the derision of my classmates in the little Texas town where I grew up. Well, I made it thanks to Friendship Force and Ray Enstam (El Rey).

Then I remember the song Faraway Places with Strange Sounding Names and I took that to heart. Y'all know I have a song for everything. This too influenced me when my classmates thought a trip to Dallas was the ultimate!! I will never forget singing this with Peggy Benton who also had the same inclination in her small Kentucky ‘holler’ when she heard it.

So fellow travelers, what are your stories of the travel gene and how do you know you have it?? This will be our topic at the Sat 8 meeting. Gerry Arens will present his trip to Norway. See you there.



July Meeting

When: Saturday, July 8, 4 pm
Where: Renner Frankford Library, 6400 Frankford, Dallas 75252
Program: Norway – presented by Gerry Arens and Isabella Iverson
Restaurant for supper after will be announced
Contact: Paula Rose – paularose2000@hotmail.com

*** Members of the Cape of Good Hope club (Cape Town, South Africa) will be guests at our July meeting. Be sure to say hello to Hilda and Ian Sedras. Hilda was member of the year for FF last year. ***


August Event

unday, August 13th, 2017.
We are having a Sweet and Savory gathering in members’ homes.
Coordinator Isabella Iverson is looking for members to host the event and those interested in attending (bring guests). Please contact  her at iiverson12@sbcglobal.net.

Hosts, let me know how many you can accommodate.
These gatherings are a great way to get to know new members, long time members and prospective ones.


Past Meetings

May Meeting

Edward Perez presented on the Global Journey to Guatemala he led earlier this year. He was the sole guy with 12 women. What a deal!

Thanks, Edward


There was no meeting as FF Birmingham AL came to visit us.


Birmingham AL Inbound, June 3–9

Cathy Ignatin was the Host Coordinator for our inbound group from Birmingham AL. She worked with  Birmingham Ambassador Coordinator Vicki Smith. This club hosted us last year and we had a wonderful week with these gracious people.

Cathy says: Birmingham Inbound Journey was a success, despite various problems. We originally started out with 12 Ambassadors and had two drop out because of illness; the week before the Journey another couple had to drop out due to a serious fall. The arrival of the plane from Birmingham was about 3 hours delayed because of bad storms, but the welcome dinner and the remainder of the Journey went off without a hitch.

Many thanks to all of you who helped me so much to put this together. I only wish we had had more time to show our ambassadors more of Dallas.


Sat. June 3rd: Arrival at DFW delayed by bad weather in the area..
Welcome dinner at Chimney Hill Clubhouse, with club members bringing side dishes to accompany meat provided by the club..

Sun., June 4th - Free day, with option to tour AT&T Stadium tour 11:30 am (organized by edward perez. Most of our sports-loving visitors opted to go on this tour.

Monday, June 5th: Arboretum for garden walk.
Lunch at La Calle Dolce, 1925 Skillman at Live Oak
Small group dinners in homes

Tuesday, June 6th: McKinney Day
Bill Smith’s Diner for brunch followed by a driving tour of early McKinney homes
Exploration and shopping at McKinney Square
Wine tasting at Lone Star Winery on the Square
Small group dinners in homes

Wed. June 7th: Downtown Dallas Day
Union Station start of our DART bus tour. Stops included Pioneer Plaza, Thanksgiving Square, Arts District, Klyde Warren Park and Dallas Museum of Art where we had lunch.
Afternoon and evening were free to take in more of downtown.
Dinner - Many Ambassadors treated their home hosts to dinner

Thurs. June 8th: Fort Worth Day
Film and tour of the Stockyards, cattle drive of the Longhorn herd and shopping
Sundance Square for lunch at Reata Restaurant
Tour of Sid Richardson Museum of Western Art
Farewell Dinner (Fajita  buffet) at El Fenix in Dallas

Fri. June 9th: Attemped departure but due to more bad weather and flight delays, the group left the following day for home.

Welcome Party - Cathy Ignatin,
Vicki Smith - Coordinators

Group at Omni Hotel

Booger Red's, Fort Worth - Jean Coan, Vicki Smith

Briggitte Patterson,
Sharon Rettmeier,
Jean Coan

Julia Cooper, Julie Harper,
Art Cooper

Gerry Arens, Isabella Iverson, Vicki Smith

Dona Brannan, Patty
Niemeyer, Linda Burell

Jean Coan, Pioneer Plaza

Group in Fort Worth

Small dinners - Art and Julia
Cooper, Julie Harper, Mary
Williams, Lee Latham

Lunch La Calle Doce

Teresa Wilkin, Wendy Whaley - Arboretum

Welcome Party

Pioneer Plaza - Tina Coe,
Brigitte Patterson, Julie Harper, Julia and Art Cooper

Paula Rose, Tina Coe,
edward perez

Vicki Smith, Linda Burell -
Pioneer Plaza

Vicki Smith, Dona Brannan, Linda Burell - Water Garden, Fort Worth

Group at BIG


Saskatoon, Canada Outbound
Aug 21-28 2017  – Paula Rose, ED
Cost of homestay $425 US
This Journey is FULL.

Homestay will include:br
 • Native World Heritage sites (Wanuskewin Heritage Park)
• Market Day - gourmet delight and crafters market
• Remai Modern Art Gallery - largest collection of Picasso
   linocut prints
• Western Development Museum - archivist tour behind the
• Welcome/farewell parties and time to bond with great
   Canadian FFers
 High temperatures reach the 70s there in August sometimes!!!

Several of the ambassadors on this Journey are from Fort Worth FF. Six of us are going on an extension to the Rocky Mountains, Banff, Lake Louise, the Columbia Ice Fields and Glacier National Park. 
UPDATE: This tour is full.

Contact Paula Rose:  paularose2000@hotmail.com


Saskatoon, Canada Inbound
October 16-23, 2017
Patty Niemeyer, Host Coorinator

We will host 16 Ambassadors (10 single ladies and 3 couples) during the Texas State Fair and will need Home Hosts and Day Hosts as well as COORDINATORS FOR THE FOLLOWING:
* Home Hosts - recruits home hosts and matches ambassadors to home hosts based on interest, accommodations and availability
* Day Hosts - recruits members to escort an ambassador during day activities
* Small Group Dinners - recruits dinner hosts and assigns members and ambassadors to groups
* Welcome Bags - purchases items to place in ambassador gift bags and prepares the bags
* Farewell Dinner - secures venue; plans menu and negotiates price with venue

If you missed the sign-up sheets at the July 8 Program you can contact Patty Niemeyer to volunteer - peanutpatti1@gmail.com. Please volunteer to support your club; consider any of the tasks listed above and sign up. If you have NEVER been a part of a Journey Committee, it is a great way to support our club on a one-time basis, especially if you are unable to host overnight in your home. Consider any of the tasks listed above and contact Patty. There will be an informational ‘how to’ session before we begin planning in detail.


Coordinators Needed

To  volunteer to be a Host or Ambassador Coordinator or Co-C for an exchange, please contact Patty Niemeyer - peanutpatti1@gmail.com or or Ray Enstam enstam@sbcglobal.net. If you have not been a Coordinator before, give it a try. You will get lots of help and training. Plus, there are some financial incentives. These Ambassador and Host Coordinators are eligible for reimbursement for at least some of their costs. See the Club Policies on page 37 or the Yearbook for 2017.

Journeys for 2018

In March/April of 2018 we have a Journey going to AUSTRALIA - one week in Sydney and one week in Gold Coast. (Dates TBA) Sydney visited Dallas the last week in February this year and Gold Coast was here in Dallas in 2014. Both clubs are friends of ours and this should be a great reunion. The Ambassador Coordinator is Mary Latham and she should announce dates soon. Contact Mary mary_m_latham@yahoo.com (note the underscores in her email) for information or to express interest.

Our second Journey, in October of 2018, will be to CENTRAL ISRAEL. This is a country we have never visited and has very limited hosting availability. Estimated costs as follows (subject to change):
A home stay (up to 20 Ambassadors) for one week in Tel Aviv, $400.00 or more; an optional Israeli tour of areas not covered otherwise, $1200.00; an optional tour to Jordan, $600.00.

Contact Ambassador Coordinators Michael Wald - mwald999@gmail.com or Haiya Feder-Naftali hnaftali@sbcglobal.net to express interest in going on this Journey. More information will be available later.


International Inbound

The international Inbound Journey for 2018 will be the ART AND ARCHITECTURE GLOBAL JOURNEY scheduled for May 15th – 22nd, 2018. The Host Coordinator for that is Felicity Sentance. That Journey, in particular, is going to need a lot of assistance but it will be chance for us to do a lot of touring and activities with the visitors and go to places in Dallas that we may rarely have gotten around to visiting ourselves.

Felicity is gathering names of those who’d be interested in planning this Journey so please contact her at fsentance@gmail.com  if you’d like to be involved………. She’d love to have your help.


Domestic Journeys
By Patty Niemeyer, Domestic Journey Coordinator (in chief)

Reno/Lake Tahoe Outbound

More information will be available pending confirmation of dates from Reno/Tahoe Friendship Force club. This Journey will probably be delayed until 2019.

Southern New Jersey Inbound

Dates TBD in 2019. Patty Niemeyer will be Host Coordinator.


Latest News

The next Board meeting will be Monday, July 17th, at 1 pm at Mary Latham’s. All members are welcome to attend.

Patty Niemeyer is heading a search for volunteers for our unfilled positions. If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Patty at - peanutpatti1@gmail.com.

edward perez is managing our member database Send any changes of address or email to him - erperez@acm.org. When you receive changes, please update your yearbook .


Communications Committee
By Mary Williams, Communications Chair

Thanks to so many people who posted their photos and notes on what fun we were having on our inbound Birmingham, AL Journey.

If you don't usually see our Facebook page, take a look - lots of Birmingham photos. While you're there, LIKE us if you have not already done so. Then SHARE the Facebook news you get to spread the word about our organizations to your friends. It is a great way to increase awareness of what we do, to get new interested members and matches with other clubs. (Yes, we have people from all over the world who have liked us and commented on our posts.) We had over 1000 people who saw our page during our Birmingham Journey here. Yay!

How can you help promote our club?

- Continue to post and share your photos, travels and comments about our club on Facebook.

[Not on Facebook? sign up for a Facebook page if you don't have one. Ask people you know to be your "friends." Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/. Or in the search line, type FriendshipForceDallas. You will be taken to our FFD Facebook page. Just under the top banner of the cattle drive there is a place to LIKE the page. Click it. Easy!]

Thanks to Ava Blais and others who are posting events on our Friendship Force Facebook page.

- Give your card (A card) to people you meet who might be interested in our club.  Give them to people who ask about Friendship Force. >
< Give one like this (B card) to people from other clubs that we might like to visit or have visit us.

Order your own FFD business cards - Free to you:
Mary Williams – mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com
Pat Peters – patrycia43@aol.com

- Invite a friend to our mettings and events. (See Meetings).


Shuttle Service

A BIG THANKS to our six Shuttle Drivers for providing  rides to/from the airport

And a BIG THANKS to our members who requested rides and contributed $800 to our club (about 13% of total club revenue).

Remember, this shuttle service is available to any FF of Dallas member who needs transportation from their home to either airport or from the airport to your home. You can also use this service to destinations other than airports. After your ride, you make a donation to FF of Dallas.

If you need a ride, send an email to ffDallas-shuttle@googleGroups.com [or call 214-699-7574] and all club members who are shuttle drivers will receive your request.

If you would like to be a shuttle driver, contact edward perez and he'll add you to the list. Take this opportunity to help out your club while meeting and learning about your fellow club members. You are not obligated to handle every request, but please do what you can.

If you would like to manage the shuttle driver list, contact edward perez and he'll help you learn how to manage the list. It's very easy - you just need access to email and the internet.

In friendship,
edward perez
Shuttle Service Manager



For the next newsletter only (Sept) send your news to Mary Williams who is filling in for Felicty while she travels. The deadlines for submissions for the September/October newsletter is August 25th.  Please send to Mary Williams - mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com. Share changes in address/email and tell us what you are doing with your FFD friends.

From Felicity: A reminder… the newsletter is for you and by you with my (hopefully) light editing touch. I’d like to be able to publish at least one member submission per newsletter so feel free to email me anything you feel would be of interest to fellow members…. Travel news, special escapades, etc. .

Remember to use our website for your club questions, meeting and Journey dates, online newsletter, opportunities to travel with other clubs, photos, articles and much more.


Contact Cathy Ignatin to let her know about members who could use a little sunshine - a call or card. cignatin@hotmail.com

Website and Email

When you get mail from our FFD e-mail address, please do not hit REPLY; that address is not monitored every day. Reply to the person organizing the meeting or exchange. Our address and email:

   Friendship Force of Dallas
   P. O. Box 551151
   Dallas, TX 75355


Member News

New Members

By edward perez, Vice President, Membership

Please join me in extending a FF Dallas hearty WELCOME to Lynn Luongo, our 83rd member! Lynn joined our club during the Birmingham Inbound Journey. She is a friend of Sharri McIntosh and has attended several previous meetings. Ask edward (erperez@acm.org) for additional contact info to update your yearbook and email list.   Lynn Luongo   LLeaOK1@sbcglobal.net

FFD Name Badge Policy

Approved on Feb 14, 2017, this policy states that the club will provide new members of FF Dallas with one name badge without charge. Members may purchase an additional or replacement name badge for $14.00 each or a price approved by the Board. If you need a replacement or a new badge, let edward perez know (erperez@acm.org). He will request our badge supplier, Recognition USA, to make a magnetic style badge for you and mail it to your mailing address on file.

Members Doing Things

Ray Enstam has translated and published another book by Arturo D. Hernández. This time it is a collection of short stories called Tangarana and Other Tales. The Tangarana tree in the Amazon has a symbiotic relationship with a particularly fierce form of fire ant. The tree provides accommodation for the ants while the ants protect it from other plants and animals … nothing grows close to these trees! In fact, according to one of the stories in the book, the indigenous people will tie an enemy to the tree, shake the tree and leave the ants to it! Now your appetite is whetted (so to speak)! The book is available in digital and paper format on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Michael Wald, "travel writer who posed as an attorney for 35 years," publishes a travel blog with many interesting stories on it. Two are on our Articles page about the Amazon jungle trip. He recently wrote a story about Top O Hill in Arlington. See it on his blog: http://untroddenla.com/when-dallas-was-las-vegas/

Articles on becoming a more savvy traveler by Mary Latham have appeared in past Newsletters. They are now available on our Articles page. See Technology and Travel, STEP Program, and Travel Tips.



New Address for FFI

FFI has changed its mailing address:
Friendship Force International
400 West Peachtree St, NW,
Suite 4-980,
Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Q: Is this address where FFI Headquarters in Atlanta is now located?

A: No, this new address is our new mailing address only. Atlanta-area staff has shifted work environments to one of the many dynamic co-working spaces in the city. By sharing space with like-minded nonprofits and forward-thinking small businesses, we hope to draw inspiration, gain exposure, and develop new collaboration partners. We are very excited about this energizing transition! We love visitors! – Please contact us ahead of time to organize a time to meet our Atlanta staff.

FFI Emails

FFI is now sending out a quarterly e-newsletter which you should receive if you’ve provided your correct email address to edward perez, our membership chair.

Stories of Friendship

Send stories of your FF experiences that have helped eliminate barriers that separate us and bring us closer together. Send to: http://storiesoffriendship.org/


Some really exciting publicity we are a part of - Rick Steves is asking for feedback and reviews - and PLEASE comment on his Facebook post!!

He is gathering info for his second edition of his excellent book, ‘Travel as a Political Act’, and it seems we will be listed in that book upon publication! He asks to let him know ‘if you have any experience with these groups,’ so please chime in on his initial Facebook post or on his website's blog to second his endorsement of FFI! Leave your comments at: https://www.facebook.com/ricksteves/posts/10154860587037745

In friendship,
Matthew Nidek
Director of Operations


FFI International Conference 2017 - 40th Anniversary
Manchester, UK
August 24 (6 pm) to August 28 (12 pm), 2017
Midland Hotel, Manchester, UK

Manchester day tours, including: a Beatles tour, indoor skydiving, the Imperial War Museum, the National Football Museum, a private canal cruise, city walking tours, an English Manor House and gardens, the BBC headquarters, and a local brewery.

Time is running out for you to celebrate 40 Years of Friendship Force with us in the United Kingdom this August! Here’s a preview of the fantastic lineup of speakers, workshops and plenary sessions we have planned for you!


Keynote Speaker: Benedict Allen, TV Presenter, Explorer and Author

We are proud to announce additions to our speaker lineup, including industry experts in the fields of volunteer travel, nonprofit management, public relations, and philanthropy:

- Sucheta Rawal is an award-winning food and travel writer, author, cooking instructor and philanthropist. As the founder and executive director of Go Eat Give, Sucheta’s personal mission is to raise awareness of global cultures through meaningful travel, good eating, and community interaction. She founded Go Eat Give as a blog in 2011, through which she wanted to educated readers about sustainable and volunteer traveling, learning about authentic cuisines, and engaging with locals. Go Eat Give is now a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit serving audiences across 120 countries. Sucheta has traveled to 67 countries (and counting) bringing back exclusive experiences, which she shares through writing, speaking engagements and cooking classes.

Andrew Bowen, APR (Accredited in Public Relations), is the founder and principal at Clearview Communications and Public Relations Inc., a multi-disciplinary PR/Marketing firm Bowen founded in 2002. Bowen’s professional PR experience includes executive positions at two international marketing/advertising/public relations agencies, Ketchum and Fletcher Martin Ewing, where he led the Public Affairs Teams. His expertise encompasses all aspects of traditional and social media, media relations, newswriting, commentaries, speech writing, public affairs, crisis communications/crisis management and reputation management.

- Jeanine Tousignant - President of Jeanine & Company, Jeanine Tousignant's philosophy is “Give where your heart is” when it comes to working with and advising donors and organizations about philanthropy and fundraising. Jeanine has worked with individual donors, companies, and foundations for over 20 years to help them maximize their giving to match their values. She also specializes in shaping nonprofit fundraising programs to match the right givers with the mission that matters to them. With this fundraising and relationship expertise, Jeanine is helping FFI clubs maximize their fundraising techniques and provides information about legacy giving (planned giving) to FFI members.

These new faces will be in Manchester, along with our other dynamic speakers:
- Suzy Smith Bennitt - former FFI President and daughter of founder Wayne Smith
- Jeremi Snook - FFI CEO and President
- Benedict Allen - Explorer, BBC Presenter, and author
- Stefanie Powers - Hollywood actress and philanthropist

Read more about these speakers on the World Conference website.


This Year's World Conference Workshop topics Include:
- How To Be a Brit: A Humorous Cultural Journey
- The British Invasion: Music of the 1960s
- Manchester's Art and History
- Regency Rejigged: Dance like Jane Austen
- Documenting Journeys with Videos, Blogs, and Photography
- Journey Requests and the Planning Process
- Making Friends and Making an Impact
- Practical Tools to Engage the Media
- Revitalizing Europe: From Vision to Action
- Philanthropy 101
- A Multigenerational Approach to Recruitment
- Myths and Realities of Great Leaders
- Club Best Practices

*All workshops are subject to change*

Other Plenary Highlights

- A Welcome to Manchester
- Global Reach: Meet the Delegates
- Beatles Sing-Along
- Host Cup Ceremony and Annual Awards
- Friendship Force Theatre
- Q&A with the FF International Board of Directors and President
- My FF Life: A Story in One Sentence
- Raffles and Prizes

Visit our World Conference website here and reserve your spot in our delegation today!
Flyer: http://www3.thefriendshipforce.org/downloads/Manchester_Flyer.pdf


When you travel with another club you help fill their seats and make new friends in another club as well as your destination club.

See the FFI openings: https://www.friendshipforce.org/journeys/

They are also listed on our website at http://www.friendshipforcedallas.org

If you are interested in any of these journeys, contact the Coordinator ASAP. The decision for a journey to go or to cancel occurs at least 90 days preceding a scheduled date. Notice of remaining seats can be out of date as journeys fill and there are cancellations. Contact the coordinator concerned for the most current information.

The newest offering is to the Philippines - where we do not have a club but would like to establish some. There will be some home hosting during the five nights in Baguio and five nights in Naga, with additional time in Manila. Dates: October 10 to 27, 2017.

See more about Discover the Philippines and destinations of some other clubs on our Other Clubs page.


Contact Information > Postal address: P. O. Box 551151, Dallas, TX 75355
Phone and fax: 214- 699-7574 
E-mail: friendshipforcedallas@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/
Webmaster: mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com