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May 2016 Quick Look  
Exchanges 2016 President's Letter International Conference
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President's Letter

Hello everybody,

I want to thank Felicity Sentance for all of the time, energy and work she contributed to Friendship Force Dallas while she served as President. As you already know, Felicity resigned due to family obligations but she continues to support our club and work with us on our exchanges and other activities. Our thoughts are with Felicity and her family.

This is a year of change for FFI and FFD. In the report to the club after the International conference last year, Friendship Force is facing a number of challenges. The number of exchanges has decreased; its record keeping system need improving; it is has had to cut staff, among other things. But FFI has a plan and is moving forward to revitalize the organization. You have received copies of the strategic plan developed by FFI.

Local clubs were asked to develop strategic plans of their own to identify any challenges they may face. Our club is currently in this process. We are challenged by the increasing age of our members and problem with recruiting younger members. We are also challenged in getting enough members to participate in Exchanges. In the next few months you will be hearing more about our club's plan to revitalize our club. If you have any ideas on how to improve our club or suggestions to make our club better please call or email me with your ideas. We need everyone’s' ideas and support to make our club better and our exchanges the best for our members and our visiting Ambassadors.

In friendship,

Mary Latham



May Event: Dinner Out

1: Sunday May 15 - 1 PM - Best Thai, 9170 LBJ Frwy (south from LBJ on Greenville, right on Vantage Point Dr. Turn right at hotel; restaurant is past the hotel) 972-677-7360. Order from the menu -
$12 - $14 plus tax and tip.

2: Sunday May 15 - 5 PM - Paesano's, 508 E. 14th St in Plano - about a block east of Central Exwy. 972-578-2727 (basic old style Italian--lots of food)
$15.00 dinner plus tax and tip. Includes 3 choices for dinner: 1) chicken parmesan, 2) salmon, or 3) pasta sampler
Served with bread, salad or soup and steamed vegetables (except no veggies with pasta).
$10.00 dinner plus tax and tip. Includes 3 choices for dinner: 1) soup and salad. 2) spaghetti Bolognese and salad, or 3) lasagna and salad.
All meals include water, tea, or coffee and bread.

Contact Sharri McIntosh by May 10 to reserve –

Pay individually at the restaurant; alcoholic drinks extra

Meeting June: Nicarauga Lanuage School

Date/Time: Sat June 11, 4-6 pm
Place: Renner-Frankford Library, 6400 Frankford Rd, Dallas 75252
Program: Presentation on Nicaragua and La Mariposa Eco Lodge and Spanish Immersion program. Presenter: Felicity Sentance
Cost: Free, no reservations needed
Dinner: On your own at nearby restaurants


Past Meetings

March Meeting

Anne Marie Weiss-Armush presented a program on the refugees who are being settled in Dallas. They are from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan. Most are Afghans who were translators for US forces in Afghanistan and were promised visas and relocation to the U.S. They have been relocated with an apartment paid for 3 months and work permits. But they move with the clothes on their backs to empty apartments.

The DFW International organization helps furnish apartments (including furniture for families, kitchen supplies, linens, toys, baby supplies), matches mentors to families or children in families and provides scholarships for job training at community colleges. While we travel abroad for contacts with those from other cultures, we can also get to know them in our own backyard.

Several FFD members agreed to be on an email list to receive a weekly notice of what is needed for the approximately 15 families arriving each week who live in the LBJ area between Plano Road and Greenville. Some are actively involved as mentors, buyers and distributors of household items; and others participate as they can.

You can reach Anne Marie at aweiss@airmail.net to put your name on this list. This is a worthy cause for those wishing to have a greater understanding of our international neighbors and provide services at the same time. More information is available at: Refugee Support Network - www.dfwinternational.org and the REFUGEE WEBPAGE at: http://www.dfwinternational.org/Refugees
 or annemarieweiss@dfwinternational.org

Members went to dinner at nearby restaurants after the meeting.


April Meeting

Kathy Keith, professor at Richland College and her husband gave us lots of tips on how to use the camera function of our phones to take interesting photos and edit them right on the phone.
This photo of Kathy was taken with the panorama function.

Members went to dinner afterward at restaurants in the area.

Meeting Changes for the Year

At our meetings scheduled for Renner-Frankford Library we are unable to have refreshments. We would like to be able to have food and a program featuring Friendship Force to better attract visitors and new members. The club has had difficulty in finding restaurants with private meeting rooms that can accommodate our group. In many cases, FFD has to guarantee a certain number for a meal, and has to make up the deficit when that number is not reached. If you know a private room that can seat at least 50-60 people with affordable meals, contact Paula Rose.

Mark your calendars for these changes in upcoming meetings. They include more meals and more speakers from our own club. We will have some meals at Outback in Plano and at Best Thai; and we added programs on starting clubs in Romania (Dale Klosterman and Carol Chapuis) and the Discover China trip (Zia Shamsy).

If you have a presentation about a Friendship Force exchange you attended, contact Paula Rose (paularose2000@hotmail.com) to be considered as a presenter. (She doesn’t know where everyone has been; tell her!)

July Meeting - Santiago Exchange Presentation
Date/Time: Sat July 9, 1 pm
Place: Outback Restaurant - 1509 N Central (NW corner Central and 15th St. in Plano)
Program: Santiago Chile and Peruvian Amazon exchange
Presenters: edward perez and Gerry Arens
Cost: $10 - Choice of Outback burger and fries, coconut shrimp and mixed veggies, chicken quesadilla and mixed veggies or cheese quesadilla and mixed veggies
Reserve with choice of meal and check to Friendship Force of Dallas; send to Paula Rose by Friday July 1; reservations after July 1 or at the door - $15. Info at Paularose2000@hotmail.com

August Event - Sweet and Savory
Date/Time: Sun Aug 14, time TBD
Places: Members' homes
Event: Share sweet and savory snacks
Cost: Free; bring a dish
Volunteer to host by July 20 or Reserve by August 4: Sharri McIntosh - mcintosh.sharri@gmail.com

September Meeting - Discover Romania
Date/Time: Saturday Sept 10, 1 pm
Place: Outback Restaurant - 1509 N Central (NW corner Central and 15th St. in Plano)
Program: Dallas: Discover Exchange to Romania: Setting up New Clubs
Presenter: Dale Klosterman and Carol Chapuis (former Peace Corps volunteer)
Cost: $10 - choice of Outback burger and fries, coconut shrimp and mixed veggies, chicken quesadilla and mixed veggies or cheese quesadilla and mixed veggies
Reserve with choice of meal and check to Friendship Force of Dallas; send to Paula Rose by Friday Sept 1; reservations after Sept 1 or at the door - $15. Info at:Paularose2000@hotmail.com

October - Columbia Cascades inbound exchange
Oct 15-22
Welcome and Farewell parties TBD
Reserve: A reservation form will be sent for all exchange activities
Volunteer to host, day host, coordinate events or welcome party; contact Mary Latham – mary_m_latham@yahoo.com

November Meeting - Discover China
Date/Time: Saturday Nov 12, 1 pm
Place: Best Thai Restaurant, 9170 LBJ Freeway (off Greenville S of LBJ, enter from Vantage Drive behind hotel)
Program: Discover Exchange to China
Presenter: Zia Shamsy
Food: full Thai buffet
Cost: $15 (club will pay gratuity)
Reserve with check to Friendship Force of Dallas; send to Paula Rose by Friday Nov 5; reservations after Nov 5 or at the door - $15. Infor at Paularose2000@hotmail.com

December Event - Holiday Party
Date/Time: Sun Dec 11, 3 pm
Event: Holiday Party
Place: Chimneyhill Clubhouse, 9223 Emberglow, Dallas (off Abrams, north of LBJ)
Food: Holiday snacks - potluck
Cost: Free; no reservations needed



2016 Exchanges

Santiago, Chile Outbound
  by Ray Enstam, Exchange Director

Our club’s outbound exchange to Santiago, Chile was held April 20-27, 2016.

Twelve members of the club have now returned from a week of homestay in Santiago, Chile and, for nine of us, another week in the Amazon. We found lots of great planned events and a few interesting additions. As we arrived the first democratically elected president of Chile after Pinochet just died. As we went downtown to see the elaborate ceremony of the changing of the guard at the presidential palace, we ran into huge crowds for the state funeral. At the same time there was a student march with demands and disturbances resulting in use tear gas. We were passing under the demonstration in the subway station and we could smell the tear gas seeping down from above.

In all we saw many interesting places in Santiago with great hosts, as well as a trip to the coast to visit Valparaiso and Viña de Mar. While we were in Viña de Mar we met briefly with Maruja Corona who had been the ED for the visit of that club to Dallas in 1996 and the host ED for the Dallas visit there in 1999. She came out to greet us. Long memories of friendship.

Our extension started with a day tour of Lima, and we ran into another protest march by an indigenous community, and there were police everywhere with those large plastic shields ready for trouble and many streets blocked off. More unexpected excitement.

The final few days involved a day tour of Iquitos and then three nights in the jungle at the Tahuayo Lodge The same lodge was written up in the travel section of the Dallas Morning News on April 28, so that was good timing. It was the rainy season and fortunately the lodge was built on tall pillars so it stood above the floods which surrounded us. We went everywhere by boat!

We had great tour guides and really saw a lot from pink dolphins to monkeys and an anaconda (shown here with Michael Wald).

There is much more to say about the exchange but pictures speak better than words and there will be lots of pictures at the July club meeting.


Birmingham, AL Outbound

Eight members are looking forward to an exchange in Birmingham AL May 27 to June 3. Activities include visits to the Civil Rights Museum, an antebellum mansion, the National Historic Landmark Sloss Furnace, several sports activities, the state capitol in Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. We will host Birmingham next year. Mary Williams is Exchange Director.


Columbia-Cascade Inbound

Columbia-Cascade FF (Portland OR / Vancouver WA) will visit us this year on an Inbound Exchange October 15-22. Those of you who traveled there in 2014 will want to reciprocate the wonderful hospitality they extended to us. Please contact ED Mary Latham at mary_m_latham@yahoo.com and let her know ASAP how you can help with this exchange.

She needs volunteers to coordinate:
   Home hosts
   Downtown Dallas tour
   Day hosts
   Fort Worth day
   Welcome party
   Gift bags
   State Fair day
   Arboretum day
We also have a few new activities planned and need coordinators to organize those activities.


Georgetown Outbound Weekend

A mini-exchange return visit to Georgetown will be the weekend of November 5-7, 2016. They can host ten people. Contact Patty Niemeyer to volunteer to be the ED or express interest in attending: peanutpatti1@gmail.com.


2017 Exchanges

International Exchanges

Thanks for volunteer Exchange Directors for our International Exchanges:
•  Inbound Sydney, Australia – Feb 23 - March 2, Sharri McIntosh, ED
•  Outbound to Saskatoon, Canada – end of July/August, Paula Rose, ED
•  Inbound Saskatoon, Canada in October (during State Fair), Patty Niemeyer, ED

Domestic Exchanges

Thanks to Patty Niemeyer for arranging these exchanges:
•  Outbound Exchange to Southern New Jersey Club (Philadelphia area) – April, 2017.
    This is an area rich in history and sights to see!
•  Inbound Domestic Exchange (return visit) from Birmingham, AL – first week in June, 2017.

Contact Patty Niemeyer to volunteer to be Exchange Director for either of these exchanges: peanutpatti1@gmail.com. It is time to start planning these exchanges.


Future Exchanges

Patty Niemeyer has arranged an Inbound Domestic Exchange with Southern New Jersey - Dates TBD in 2018.

A Little Help for Exchange Directors and Hosts

• The Board approved a monetary stipend to be given to Inbound Exchange Directors: a $300 credit for use on a future international outbound exchange to be taken within the next 24 months.
• Outbound Exchange Directors may build in a fee for the outbound exchange that they lead to cover some of their travel and fee expenses.
• Home hosts receive their farewell dinner free.

These Exchange Director positions require a lot of work and responsibility over a long period of time that is over and above what a volunteer normally does for our club. Home hosts on our inbound exchanges pay their own way to go to events; the dinner fee reduces their out of pocket costs. See details in another part of this newsletter about revised policies.


Exchanges for 2017:

 Sydney, Australia to Winnipeg and Ottawa, Canada and Dallas, USA - February

 Southern New Jersey Club (near Philadelphia) - April

 Birmingham, AL - first week in June

 Dallas to Saskatoon, Canada - July/August

 Saskatoon, Canada to Itanhaem and Ribeirao Preto, Brazil and Dallas, USA - 

Club News

Following the resignation of Felicity Sentance as President, Mary Latham (Vice-President) was elected as President for the remaining of this year. Mary’s election as President created an opening for Vice-President. The Board elected edward perez for the position of Vice-President.

Pat Andeweg, Membership Chair, announced the New Member Luncheon will be held at Brud Kisner's home on Saturday May 21. Members joining this past year and those who have visited as guests will receive an invitation. She will need some help for this party. Contact Pat at: pja72@sbcglobal.net.

Dale Klosterman has resigned as Newsletter editor. Mary Williams has been appointed interim-editor until someone else can do it. This is an open position. If you have writing and computer skills and are considering taking this position, contact Mary Williams for more information – mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com.

Dale has set up a Friendship Force page on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, you can type Friendship Force Dallas in the search line and get our page. Then LIKE us and you will receive regular notes, news and photos from our page.

The position of chair of the Ways and Means committee is also open. If you have an interest in fund-raising for our club, contact Mary Latham - mary_m_latham@yahoo.com.

A committee is being formed to search for volunteers for our unfilled positions. If you are interested in being on this committee, please contact Mary Latham - mary_m_latham@yahoo.com or call 972-808-9316.

Edward perez has headed a committee revising our policies and bylaws. The last policy changes have received Board approval and are listed at the end of this newsletter. In addition to policy changes (which may be changed by the Board), there will be by-laws changes published in a fall newsletter for a vote by the membership at the November meeting. Some changes were recommended by John Whaley as part of an audit of our club's books.

See Policies proposed.

The Board will meet next on Monday May 16 at 1 pm (new time) at Mary Latham's house. Any club members are welcome. The Board has considered the possibility of partnering with other organizations. There are many opportunities for members to participle in projects and activities of other organizations with similar objectives as ours. Our club will announce availability of these projects to members for their individual consideration, but will not take an official role as a club. (Examples: ramp-building project, refugee project)


Shuttle Service

If you want a ride to an airport or other location or a pickup:
• Look in the back of your FF Dallas yearbook. You send an email with the place, date and time you need to go - to the Shuttle Drivers list. If someone is available, they'll contact you. When your ride is complete, make a donation to the club. Easy!
• How do you know if you have a driver? Since all of the drivers get your request, the person who can drive you will Reply to All including you so the other drivers know you have a driver. Respond (Reply to All) accepting the ride.

If you want to volunteer to drive:
• Contact edward perez at erperez@acm.org to volunteer.
• What do you need to be a shuttle driver? Email (to receive requests and post replies) and a car (to take people places).
• How many times do you need to shuttle? As much as you're comfortable with, once a year, once every few months or whatever.
• What if you cannot do it anymore? Contact edward perez at erperez@acm.org and let him know.
• Do you need to collect any money/checks? No, the rider(s) is/are on their honor that they will send a donation (recommended $30) to the club's treasurer. If the rider wants to give the money/checks to you to mail/deliver, that's up to you. The rider may offer you toll fare or gas money. It's up to you to accept or decline.

Thanks to all drivers and riders who help support our club.


Newsletter Editor

Send your news to Mary Williams, mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com - by the end of June for the July/August Newsletter. Share what you are doing with your FFD friends.  If you have writing and computer skills and would like to be the Newsletter Editor, contact Mary Williams for more information – mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com.


Contact Cathy Ignatin to let her know about members who could use a little sunshine - a call or card. cignatin@hotmail.com


Website and Email

Remember to use our website for your club questions, dates, opportunities to travel with other clubs, photos, articles and much more.

When you get mail from our FFD e-mail address, please do not hit REPLY; that address is not monitored every day. Reply to the person organizing the meeting or exchange. Our address and email:

   Friendship Force of Dallas
   P. O. Box 551151
   Dallas, TX 75355


Member News

James Corley, husband of Felicity Sentance, died on April 30th after a long bout with cancer. James was born in Portland, OR, and according to Felicity was “a loving husband and father, proud Navy man, sentimental in spite of himself, voracious reader, memorably dry sense of humor, woodworking enthusiast and pessimistic optimist.” His memorial service was held at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Dallas on Friday May 6. Our condolences to Felicity and her family. Donations may be made to the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center – http://swmedical.org/makeagift

Diana Bosworth has moved to Atria Willow Bend, Assisted Living in Tyler to be closer to her son Mark, who lives there. Contact the President or Webmaster for her new address. She has the same phone number. She says hello to all her FFD friends and would love calls or visits if you are in Tyler.

Prayers for Robin Yaklin, Robert Cavanaugh and Hilda Klosterman who have health challlenges.



Southwest Regional Conference

The SW Conference was held in Austin TX - April 1-3, 2016 and was attended by Dallas members Julia Cooper, Felicity Sentance, Mary and Lee Latham, Paula Rose, edward perez, Sharri McIntosh, Ray Enstam, Isabella Iverson and Mary Williams.

Laurie Ann Scott, consultant and former staff member of FFI, was the major speaker on "How Do We Select Ambassadors for Exchanges?"

Workshops were on the topics of Member Retention, the Albuquerque Pueblo Exchange for 2017, Colombia, Best Asian cities, and Living in China.

Tom Garza (left), professor at University of Texas Austin spoke on Vladimir Putin and the impact of his policies in Russia and neighboring countries.

Kay Binder (right) from Austin is our new Field Rep for our Southwest region.

In future we will be alternating Southwest Conferences in years when there is not an International Conference.

The banquet on Saturday evening featured a local band and dancing. Paula Rose and edward perez enjoyed it.

On Sunday tours were offered to the LBJ Library, the State Capitol and to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, led by Austin members. Shown here is Sally Scott from Austin.


2016 International Conference - Marrakech, Morocco

Friendship Force World Conference Registration is open. Conference website is: https://www.eiseverywhere.com//ehome/150979

Fee $375
CONFERENCE DATES: Sep 16th (9:00am) -19th (12:00pm), 2016 – Plan to arrive 9/15
CONFERENCE HOTEL: Kenzi Farah Hotel, Avenue du Président Kennedy, Marrakesh 40000
Morocco. The conference venue/hotel is in the L'Hivernage district of Marrakesh, a 10 minute drive from Marrakesh Menara International Airport (RAK).

Please contact the conference homestay manager, Pallie Savoie, at pallie@friendshipforce.org if you have specific questions or require information about the homestay. Pallie will email you the details of your homestay assignment within 30 days of registration.

See the PRE & POST CONFERENCE OPTIONS tab for more information about the homestays as well as tours. For online registration and details, please visit our conference website at http://www.etouches.com/ffconf2016

UPDATE: MAY 2016: See the FFI page on the Conference for more information.

2017: International Conference

Location and dates have been announced: Manchester, UK - August 25-27, 2017


Friendship Force International

Friendship Force has relocated to: 260 Peachtree St NW, Suite 402, Atlanta, GA 30303
Same phone number 404.522.9490.

See the latest news from FFI on 2016 policies and plans on the FFI page.


Other Clubs

Join Exchanges with Other Clubs. Remember that you are welcome to join other clubs on their exchanges if there is room. Please contact clubs well in advance, as an exchange may cancel if the Exchange Director doesn’t know about your interest.

See where these and other clubs are going on the Other Clubs page.


Contact Information
Postal address: P. O. Box 551151, Dallas, TX 75355
Phone and fax: 214- 699-7574 
Electronic mail
General Information:
Webmaster: mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com