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May 2014 Quick Look  
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President's Letter

Hello FFDallas,
I had a great time in New Zealand but am sure glad to be home. Thanks to the 20 ambassadors who went on this exchange. We had some fun. Be sure to read all about it later in this newsletter as our intrepid newsletter editor Dale Klosterman is writing a report about this trip. And prepare yourselves for a program full of breathtaking slides to be presented by edward perez and others from the exchange in June.

The unfortunate news is that the inbound exchange from Tuxtla-Gutierrez Mexico which was scheduled for May has been cancelled. Thanks to Michael Wald and the folks who had volunteered to help put this together.

We do however have a really good program scheduled for May: Isabella Iverson and Gerry Arens will present their FF trip to Morocco. Also, the Board is working to either have a domestic or last- minute international group come in October. In addition, the board voted to revive the tradition of mini-exchanges (long weekends) with members from our own district. Hopefully we will have some company from these sources in October and/or November.

Our new members, guests and the board met for lunch at Brud Kisner's home on April 26th from 1-3 pm to learn about the opportunities Friendship Force has to offer. Thanks to hostess with the mostess and Membership chair Isabella Iverson for arranging it.

Happy Spring. Hope to see you soon.

In Friendship,
Paula Rose, President


Next Meetings

May Meeting

Date/time: Sunday, May 18th – 5 pm Note – 3rd Sunday to accommodate Mother’s Day

Program: Isabella Iverson and Gerry Arens – presentation of their FF trip to Morocco

Location: REI - Large meeting room on 2nd floor (elevator available)
4515 LBJ Fwy, Dallas – westbound service road east of Midway
Phone: 972-490-5989 or 972-490-5989

Food: There will be no food at this meeting; members may go to dinner in groups afterwards. There are restaurants in the area and suggestions will be available at the meeting with groups forming for dinner out.

Cost: Free meeting; dinner on your own

Reserve: By May 15 to Felicity Sentance at fsentance@gmail.com


June Meeting
Date/time: June, 8th at 6 pm
Location: Raymond's Barbeque, 10920 Garland Road, Dallas 75218
Food costs: Meat eaters - $9.99 for 2 meats and 3 vegetables, Texas toast and other sundries
Non meat eaters - $5.99 for 5 vegetables, Texas toast and other sundries
Please note the above cost is for the food only - drink, tax and tip are extra. Everyone pays their own check there.
You may bring in beer and wine if you wish.

Program: edward perez and friends will give a presentation on the recent FFD exchange to New Zealand

Reservations: To Felicity Sentance at fsentance@gmail.com by deadline June 5.


New Zealand Exchange

by Dale Klosterman

What is this? A Kiwi tattoo?

The Dallas Club must be in New Zealand. Friendship Force members from Haliburton, Ontario; Sarasota, Florida; Mt. Laurel, N.J.; and Columbia, MO Joined our Dallas exchange for a visit to New Zealand, the land of the Kiwi bird, during this past March. Twenty members spent two weeks in the cities of Taupo, Wellington, and Nelson on the northern and southern islands.

The northern island is known for its active volcanoes and thermal vents caused by continental drift, while the south has beautiful mountains and glaciers. The mayors of both cities welcomed the FF clubs with short speeches.

When the first two weeks were over, eight of the original travelers were joined by four members from the Cheyenne, WY Club for a week-long van ride through the south island. Six of the members were able to take a helicopter trip up onto the Fox glacier where they could walk around and take pictures.

The helicopter ride

Taking photos on the Fox glacier

The ladies wanted to know how old the pilots were

The highlight of this third week took place when one of ladies did a bungee jump! She was 80 years old!


The Kiwi

New Zealanders like to call themselves “Kiwis.” This is a Wingless bird that is practically extinct. Mary Latham and Dale spent $30 each to see what they were told was a Kiwi in an exhibit at the Franz Joseph Glacier. The room was too dark to see anything. We could only hear something scurrying around. (Mary may wish to dispute this.)

Cathy Ignatin - Cold morning break for tea

From Cathy Ignatin:

Hello Fellow New Zealand Travelers -
Many thanks for the heart-shaped plaque with the great thought about the friends we make on our journey through life. I was beginning to think I was holding the rest of you back and your gift did so much to lift my spirits. How true that we continue to make new friends through our entire life, and I can’t think of a better place than through Friendship Force. Thanks again.


2015 International Exchanges

by Ray Enstam, International Exchange Coordinator

The successful outbound exchange to New Zealand has now returned and you will hear more about that elsewhere from those that participated.

Looking forward, we have some sad news and some good news. The sad news is that we have lost the inbound from Tuxtla-Gutierrez, Mexico scheduled for the last week in May of this year. The Tuxtla club was distracted with an inbound about the same time and we couldn’t get enough information to make arrangements. The Pike’s Peak club, which was their other destination, also had to cancel for lack of information. That was our only international inbound for this year.

The good news is that we now have our proposed exchanges for 2015. These exchanges have been accepted by the Dallas Club board and by the other clubs. Our outbound exchange is a two week combined exchange to Tbilisi, Georgia and Baku, Azerbaijan. They are neighboring countries and can easily be combined into one exchange, a week in each country with very little travel time between them. This is a very interesting part of the world with two great clubs. It will be sometime in late May or early June of 2015, a good season to be there.

We have also been assigned two international inbounds for 2015. The first is from Bandung, Indonesia in March of 2015. This would be a new adventure for the Dallas Club as we have never had any contact with this interesting part of the world. The second inbound would be from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in October of 2015. Since the International Conference of Friendship Force International will be in Vancouver in November 2015, and many of us will be attending that, this inbound is of special significance. It looks like a great year coming up!
Since the Exchange Director for our international visit will have his/her travel paid for by the club, the position will be advertised in the near future.


Domestic Exchanges

Pacific Northwest Exchange

Eighteen members are making final preparations for their July/August Domestic Outbound with Columbia Cascade (Portland) and Olympia Washington.  The weather will be cool and the scenery magnificent! These clubs have some great tours lined up: Mt St Helen's, the Pacific Coast, Columbia River George, Mt Rainer, and the Olympic National Forest. Cost $480 Total + Transportation to and from the Northwest, plus inexpensive train trip from Portland to Olympia. Both clubs are able to host 20 ambassadors so if you're interested in going, contact Patty Niemeyer (ED) at peanutpatti1@verizon.net.


Past Meetings


In March small dinners were held in homes. Thanks to hosts Pat Andeweg, Joan Mirabal, Lee Latham, Leyla Akgerman, Robin and Dan Yaklin, Mary Jane Wilson and to coordinator Henny Houston.


The April FF meeting was held at Hacienda Ranch restaurant with a fajita buffet served. This meeting was designed as an introduction to our incoming exchange from Tuxla, Mexico. Even though our Mexican visitors are not coming for an exchange, we had the opportunity to learn a little about the state of Chiapas and see some beautiful pictures of the area.

Chiapas is the southern most state in Mexico, bordering on Guatamala, with mountains, jungles and the seaside. It has many beautiful waterfalls and the state provides hydroelectric power and is a major agricultural area. It produces coffee, bananas, corn, cacao (used to make chocolate) and cattle with a diversity of crops grown. There are several Mayan ruins, including Palenque. Many Indian languages are still spoken here.

Our speakers were Jennifer Apperti Ochoa, Cultural Attaché with the Consulate of Mexico and Clara Borja Hinojosa, Founding Director of the Mexico Institute.

There were four guests:
Adriana Cobo (guest of Henny Houston)
Jackie Ingram (guest of Judy Cline)
Kenneth Hays (guest of Judy Cline)
Amy LaSalle (guest of Dava Thomas – a previous guest of Isabella Iverson)


Club News

New Member Luncheon

New members and guests were honored at a luncheon at the home of Brud Kisner on Saturday, April 27th. Several Board members presented information about the club and encouraged questions. We welcome all newcomers and hope you enjoy the benefits of the organization.

   Mona Elia, Patricia Bailey, Judith Self, Niki Baron, Eli Baron, Virginia de la Garza

FFD Monthly Meetings
by Felicity Sentance

As a result of the increasing costs for large meetings held at restaurants, the paucity of such locations and in an effort to keep the meeting costs down for our members, the club has subsidized several of the latest meetings. For example – the meeting at La Hacienda cost $21.39 per person, but members were charged only $18 each and the club paid the remainder for each attendee – a cost of approximately $120. Another example – Aboca is paid a flat rate of $1,160 for the use of their restaurant and the food. Should we not have sufficient attendees to cover that cost, the club again subsidizes the difference, which took place at both the meetings we held there. The club subsidized about $200 for each meeting. The total prices above include a 20% tip.

I can hear you saying, and I agree with you, that the food’s not worth that amount of money. We have to remember, though, that included in that price is the use of the meeting room or restaurant and the cost of the people brought in to cook and serve the food.

In May, our meeting with a presentation will be in the meeting room at REI on LBJ which, for now, is free. Our contract with REI states we will not bring any food or drink to the meeting room, but we will have a list of a few nearby restaurants so those who wish to go out to eat afterwards can get together. That kind of meeting, coupled with those in members’ homes and continued large meetings in restaurants will, hopefully, keep the financial outlay for all members within a reasonably comfortable range.

If you would like to volunteer to help organize meetings, contact Felicity Sentance at fsentance@gmail.com. Helpers are always needed and appreciated. Ideas regarding locations are also very welcome - remembering the criteria mentioned on the recent questionnaire: We need a space that is sufficiently large and has a separate room (or at least well away from distractions), easy access to electrical outlets, good free parking, on the first floor, and preferably closed on Sundays. It would be great to keep the meal price (including drink and tip) less than about $15, but realistically we are frequently going to have to go over that amount.

Shuttle Service

Remember to support our airport shuttle service. The passenger(s) make a donation to the club of $30 per ride ($40 north of Plano), helping our club. Directions are on page 42 in your yearbook to request a ride or to be a driver.

Sunshine and Newsletter

Let your newsletter editor, Dale Klosterman (daleklosterman@sbcglobal.net) know what you are doing these days.

And let Henny Houston know about anyone who needs a little “Sunshine” – hennyjack@att.net.


Member News

Lilliana Hollister
from Dallas Morning News

“Lilliana Pejovich Hollister, a member of FF Dallas since 1996, passed away gracefully after a long battle with cancer. She persevered in her struggle with her illness for over three years and far surpassed expectations…Lilliana was born 1, 1933 in Beograd, Yugoslavia [now Serbia]. She was penniless when she migrated in 1958 to the US in search of a better life for her self and her family. She spent her years working in international affairs and in her later life received a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and focused on service and care for the needy and less fortunate. Memorial services were conducted at Restland Abbey Chapel in Dallas, Texas on Monday, March 3, 2014. Comforted in the knowledge that she is thought of by many.”

Dale and Hilda Klosterman

Congratulations to Dale and Hilda who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this month. Dale has said that marrying Hilda was the smartest thing he ever did!


E-mail for Mary Hanna:


2014 Southwest Conference

by Mary Williams

On the weekend of March 22-24 the nine clubs in the Southwest Region met in Albuquerque for our mostly annual conference (we don’t meet when there is an international conference in the US). Note: The Rio Grande club has closed. Ruth O’Keefe chaired the event for Albuquerque.

Present were FFI President Joy DiBenedetto (left)and Laurie Ann Scott, consultant to FFI who updated the participants on trends in the organization and discussed results of a survey of club presidents in the US and Canada. They discussed clubs’ demographics, challenges, successes, exchanges and ideas that are working.

General sessions included Joy and Laurie Ann’s talks; a presentation by Jeff Gilkey who flies an ultra-lite trike with a camera on it photographing the inaccessible canyons of New Mexico and Utah; a presentation by Benedict Valentiner, former manager of the Blair house speaking on the property and its famous visitors; and Bob Duncan, Regional Field Rep leading a discussion of club activities, exchanges and new ideas - including a revival of the weekend exchanges among SW Conference clubs.
Breakout sessions were held on leading exchanges (example from an exchange to Nepal and extension to Bhutan), lessons learned from the presidents’ survey, exchange photography and Southwest wildflowers.

Mariachi musicians entertained at the Saturday evening banquet.

Mary Williams represented the Dallas club.


International Conferences

2014 International Conference
Planning is already underway for next year’s World Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. The conference will run from October 14 to 16, 2014, and it be held at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel. Auckland. Registration has begun, with information available on the FFI website. There are several exchanges scheduled in New Zealand and Australia close to the conference dates.

2015 International Conference

FFI is thrilled to announce that the 2015 World Conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada. The conference will take place September 11 to 14, 2015. More details will be available as the time approaches.

More information on Past International Conferences.


Other Clubs

Remember you are welcome to join other clubs on their exchanges if there is room. Please contact clubs well in advance, as an exchange may cancel if the Exchange Director doesn’t know about your interest. Some of our club members do this on a regular basis.

See http://www2.thefriendshipforce.org/exchanges/ for more details, or go to the World of Friends Catalog that has a listing of all exchanges.

There are more exchanges listed on the Other Clubs page of our website.


Contact Information
Postal address: P. O. Box 551151, Dallas, TX 75355
Phone and fax: 214- 699-7574 
Electronic mail
General Information: friendshipforcedallas@yahoo.com
Webmaster: mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com