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Adventures in Friendship Force, by Raymond Enstam, 2016

Australia and Australians, by Douglas Adams

Dispelling Amazon Myths, by Michael Wald, 2016

Amazon: an Ardous Adventure, by Michael Wald, 2016

Real Deals: Behind Enemy Lines, from AARP magazine, January 2006

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Bringing Computers to Blind Students in Chile, Peru and Romania
by Richard and Myrna Ridings

On Closing Doors Softly: Lessons Learned From Colombia Friendship Force Exchange of Houston & Dallas, TX to Bogota
by John Whaley

Crossing Barriers: Presentation by George Brown, April 28, 2007
Friendship Force Mid Atlantic Regional Conference, Black Mountain, NC

A Worldly Circle of Friends: Group focuses on global peace, one connection at a time
by Joy Dickinson in the Dallas Morning News - June 8, 2002

Seven Reasons to Travel  
by Larry Bleiberg in Dallas Morning News - January 5, 2003  

The Virtues of Aging: Interview of former President Jimmy Carter
by Barbara Walters, February 17, 2003

Germany to USA, by Erich Geissler

Computers Are a Miracle that Any Blind Person Can Afford,
by Robert Langford Ph.D.

Sahara Aid Convoy

World's Worst Cultural Mistakes: Don’t let blowing your nose or taking off your shoes land you in hot water when you travel
by Sallie Brady from www.Travelandleisure.com

Texas Proud
Author unknown

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