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Medical Emergencies


Leyla Akgerman recommends this ‘medical emergency’ card. Her contact information is in our yearbook should you want to ask her about it.

Jet Lag

Kathy Jacobs shares the following hints and articles to avoid illness and jet lag when flying. They are from her recommended Korean Dr. Kyoung-Sun Kim, DC (of New Start Chiropractic). She will be trying these out on the Australia journey (17 hours non-stop).
To reset the body’s internal clock:

During the trip, just “eat and sleep, eat and sleep.”
Within the last hour before landing that morning:
- With your right hand, reach over under your left elbow and rub briskly up and down the outer side of your left rib cage (10 times).
- Next, with fingertips, grasp outer edges and lobe of each ear and quickly pinch/knead the lobe and upward around the outer edges of each ear to stimulate and “wake up” – (he says this process resets your internal clock for start of the new day.)
- Repeat these steps twice more (a total of 3 times).

Dr. Kim explained that energy flows from the spleen meridian which is on the left side of the body. He uses this technique to treat infants and children who have their nights and days confused. Adults can also do this “for” a child as playful fun gestures. He suggested that adults and children should limit any daytime nap to no more than 30 minutes.

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