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Technology and Travel
How do you find your way around in a strange city?
By Mary Latham, President

We used to get fold up maps that you had to spread on a table to read. Remember trying to read them in a car or while walking on the street? Things have really changed. Now it’s apps you download to your smart phone. You can easily walk around a strange city or drive through a new area while guided by your phone. How simple and easy!

One app we recently used in New York City that really helped was KickMap, a map of the New York subway system. It can be a little intimidating to think about riding the subway around such a big city with so many different trains but KickMap was all we needed. It was easy to download and install. It was simple and easy to use. Select your location and your destination and the app tells you which train you need to take, where the nearest station is located, whether there is any transfer needed and, if so, where to make the transfer to the next train. It also advises how long it will take to reach your destination and the time your train will depart. You also get the schedule of all possible trains, station information and a street map. At only $2.99, it turned out to be the best bargain we had for our trip.

KickMap also has maps for other transit systems, including Washington, D.C. and the London Tube. KickMap is not the only app of this kind. There are many others. If you are planning a trip to a new city, search your app store for street maps or transit system maps for your destination. Using an app is much simpler and easier that trying to deal with paper maps in a book or that you have to continuously unfold and refold.

There are many other apps and websites that make travel more convenient and planning your trips easier. If you have suggestions or recommendations for apps or websites that have made you travels easier, please share them with other members of our club. I am giving a big Thanks to Sharri McIntosh and her son-in-law to be for recommending KickMap New York to us before this trip. Using this app, we navigated the New York subway system like native New Yorkers.

A travel tip from FF Houston

My colleagues in Kuwait tipped me off to a good website to plan your flights: Matrix - ITA Software by Google: https://matrix.itasoftware.com/

To my knowledge, it works with all commercial airlines; it can do complicated routings and fare structures; it gives nice visual graphics comparing several routings. On the webpage, you can hover over each of the bar elements to see details. You can't buy tickets on it, but you can then use the results on your regular website to book your flights. If you are using a travel agent, it gives the exact fare construction details so they can get you the same thing. Matrix Airfare Search Welcome to Matrix 3.0 Matrix showcases some of the freshest travel search ideas from ITA Software. Version 3.0 has been completely rebuilt to run on Google technology. - Cost per mile filter - Geo Search – search by airport code, city, or nearby airport - Interactive Calendar – explore date ranges and lowest fares - Real-time Filters – focus on flights that suit your preferences - Color-coded Time Bars – compare flights at a glance.

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