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Friendship Force is a cultural exchange group that promotes
peace and friendship in the world through homestays -
building global goodwill through personal friendships.
Change the way you see the world!


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October Special Event - Lunch/Arboretum
Date/Time: TUESDAY Oct 15th, 10:15-11:30 brunch
Brunch Place: JJ's Restaurant, 10233 NW Highway, Dallas 75238; 214-221-4659
   Restaurant is in shopping center at southeast corner NW Highway and Ferndale
   Buffet is no longer available - order from menu (also can order breakfast items)
   We will have a private room in the back near the buffet.

Arboretum: Meet at 12 pm at front gate of Arboretum to make up groups for pass holders.
Enjoy pumpkin displays etc at Arboretum at leisure

No reservations... OK to come to just brunch or just Arboretum


October Meeting - Festival at Sea (rescheduled)
Date/Time: Saturday October 19, 3-5 pm
Place: Renner-Frankford Library, 6400 Frankford Rd, Dallas, TX 75252
(just east of Preston Rd.)
Program: Presentation on Festival at Sea Cruise to South America
   Presenter: Anne Neal
Cost: Free / Dinner afterwards on your own at Banana Leaf (Thai)
No reservation needed.
Info: Paula Rose - paularose2000@hotmail.com



Inbound Journeys

- FF Denver Inbound and members of SW clubs- May 1-8, 2019 - CANCELED

- Home-hosting in Dallas prior to International Conference in Denver - July 19-23, 2019
  Pat Andeweg, Coordinator. CONCLUDED

- Kaohsiung, Taiwan Inbound - September 11 - 18, 2020 (Need a Host Coordinator)

Outbound Journeys

- Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - CONCLUDED
  March 21-27, 2019 followed by an optional 8-day/7 night safari to Northern Botswana and Victoria Falls.
  Mary Williams, Ambassador Coordinator - mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com
- Madison, WI: Sept 25 - October 1, 2019 and/or
- Cedar Rapids, Iowa - October 1 - 7, 2019 - Ambassador Coordinator - edward perez

This Journey is full.

Journeys of Other Clubs, Discover Trips and Festivals

See where OTHER CLUBS are going. You can join them if they have room for you. There are two new opportunities in the September Newsletter to Baton Rouge and New Zealand. Check them out!



The last Super Regional Conference met in Cincinnati - April 20-21, 2018. Conferences are now involved several regions. More information on the SW Conference page and May 2018 Newsletter.

Last International Conference

Boulder, Colorado - July 23-26, 2019
See Newsletter.

Next International Conference - Dates TBD, 2021
Kaohsiung, Taiwan



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Membership Dues Renewal Form 2019

Journey Application Form - International

Journey Application Form - Domestic

Health and Mobility Checklist


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to be a multi-cultural group that promotes peace and friendship in the world by building global good will through personal friendships and exchanges (now called Journeys).

Our mission is building world understanding through personal friendships.

Our vision is to be an outstanding model as a diverse and actively involved Friendship Force club representing Dallas, Texas to the world.

Learn how Friendship Force works and the ways you can participate, both at home and far away! Watch the video in 6 other languages here: https://www.friendshipforce.org/new-animated-video-what-is…/


Our History

Friendship Force Dallas is one of several hundred Friendship Force clubs located throughout the world. We host citizen Ambassodors from clubs in other countries and from the United States and visit clubs around the world.

The Dallas club was established in 1994 as part of the Friendship Force International program, founded in 1977 with about 370 clubs in over 60 countries and growing. Dallas membership is now at 83 members from all walks of life - professionals, seniors, singles, couples, families; we welcome anyone who wants to meet new friends at home and abroad.

See photos and reports in current and past newsletters and on our Journeys page.


Our Activities

- We host one to three Inbound Journeys from other countries per year; we share our Texas lifestyles,
  homes and families as home hosts, day hosts or club members for one week.

- We travel on one or more Outbound Journeys per year; we become part of another family's life and
  lifestyle for one-two weeks; we may include an optional tour.

- We travel to and host other American clubs for Domestic Journeys.

- We meet monthly for cultural enrichment, fun and fellowship.

- We occasionally meet for special events, parties, lunch or dinner, wine tasting, etc.

- We attend international and regional conferences and festivals.

- We promote international understanding and personal friendships.


Contact Information
Postal address: P. O. Box 551151, Dallas, TX 75355
Phone and fax: 214- 699-7574 
E-mail: friendshipforcedallas@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FriendshipForceDallas/
Webmaster: mwilliamstxtravel@yahoo.com